The wife of the President of Nigeria; Aisha Buhari, has called on the Ministry of Women Affairs and all security agencies to expedite action and ensure that justice was served in all rape cases in the country.

Aisha made the appeal in a message she posted on her social media platforms on Wednesday.

The President’s wife said it was devastating to hear about the gruesome murder and rape of ladies by men, who were supposed to be their fathers and brothers.

She wrote, “It is devastating to hear about the gruesome death of our daughters who were mercilessly raped by men, who in some cases are their fathers, brothers and protectors of their chastity.

“Women are increasingly becoming vulnerable in a society that is expected to guaranty their safety and we owe it a duty to do everything possible to protect them.

“Last year, I started working with governors’ wives of the 36 states to end gender-based violence in Nigeria. I launched a campaign with the governors’ wives and other stakeholders and issued a statement nation-wide in response to increasing and frequent reports of GBV with the slogan – Leave our daughters alone!

“This was followed by a planned advocacy for the constitution of a presidential task force on ending GBV in Nigeria; prospective members were identified. The objective is to review the policy and legal framework on GBV with a view to proposing strengthening measures and an improvement plan.

“In view of the recent developments, I therefore call on all stakeholders especially Federal Ministry of Women Affairs as well as legal and security agencies to expedite action so that justice takes it course accordingly.

“I will continue to work with the governors’ wives to ensure that relevant structures and policy frameworks are put in place to end gender-based violence in Nigeria.”

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