The 22-year-old wedlock between a couple, Rafiu Salaudeen and Basira Salaudeen was recently dissolved by Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Rafiu had approached the court seeking that it dissolved their union on the grounds that his wife was uncaring, ill-tempered and violent.

The plaintiff stated that he came within the whiskers of death the last she made an attempt at his life.

Rafiu told the court his life was no longer safe with his wife and therefore prayed the court to end their union.

Basirat admitted to the claim brought against her by her husband but prayed the court not to dissolve their wedlock.

The defendant told the court she didn’t know what always came over her.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade after he had heard both parties, stated that it was imperative that the court dissolved their wedlock since it involved violence.

Odunade thus ruled that their marriage was dissolved and granted custody of their first two children to the plaintiff and the last to the defendant.

He ordered the plaintiff to give the defendant N5, 000 monthly as their third child feeding allowance and be responsible for his education and health care.

Rafiu told the court that: “My mind is made up on divorce. If I don’t ask Basirat to go, she will kill me,” Rafiu told the court.

“Basirat has totally failed as a wife and mother. She doesn’t care about my welfare and that of our children.”

She leaves the house untidy and dirty. Our place therefore appears unwelcoming always.

“Basirat again is in the habit of starving the whole family despite giving her money to cook. Our children look malnourished because they are not well fed.”

“My wife shifted her responsibility in the house to me. I now carry out the duties of both the father and mother in the home.”

“I often call my wife’s attention to her shortcomings but she has remained adamant.”

“Basirat has no respect for me. She addresses me rudely and would never listen to my counsel.”

“My lord, I feel reluctant sometimes counseling Basirat because she’s ill tempered.”

“She displays rage any time we have a misunderstanding. She will fight me nonstop and will sometimes threaten me with broken bottles.”

“She almost stabbed me at one of such instances. I would have been a dead man by now but for God.”

“My lord, I want to live to eat the fruit of my labour. If I don’t part ways with Basirat she will cut short my life and leave our children to suffer.”

“I’m no longer interested in my wife and our marriage. I, therefore, pray this honourable court to separate us.”

“I further appeal to the court to grant me custody of our three children since she has failed in her role as a mother towards them, “Rafiu stated

Basirat while giving her evidence begged the court not to dissolve their union.

She said: “I acknowledge that I perpetuated all the offenses my husband brought against me, but I entreat this honourable court not to end our marriage.

“I can’t explain what comes over me. I always ask myself why I did these things when I later come back to my senses.

“I promise to change. I, therefore, pray the court and my husband to forgive me. That is all I have to say, “she concluded

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