A primary school teacher, Mr Patrick Ekpenisi, has allegedly brutalised his parents over a parcel of land offered for sale by the father in the Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State.

The 78-year-old father, Benson Ekpenisi, who hails from Owan-Nta Aliosimi, said he and his wife had suffered untold hardship in the hands of their son, Patrick.

Narrating their ordeal, Benson stated that trouble started when Patrick learnt that he planned to sell a piece of land to repair the leaking roof of his house and settle to take care of their needs.

He said, “My son, Patrick, who is the fifth among my children, threatened to kill me and his mother. He has been boasting that he has political and palace backup.”

“He said he could not be arrested by the police in the local government and at Agbor as he would be released by his godfathers.”

“I was sitting under a palm tree in my compound on Friday when Patrick came out from his house, which is opposite mine at Boji-Boji Owa-Nta, Aliosimi, and started pointing fingers at me and shouting that the land I was about to sell to repair my leaking roof could not be sold, that it should be given to him.”

“I told him that he couldn’t tell me what to do with my own land. Besides, the land where he built his house was given to him by me. That was how trouble started and he hit my head on the palm tree.”

“My son threatened to kill me and his mother; he broke the plastic chair his mother was sitting on and used it to hit her head, but the old woman was quick enough to run into the house through the back door and locked the door against  him. He tried breaking the door with some objects but didn’t succeed.”

Benson said that was not the first time that Patrick would beat up his parents and accused the Owa Oyibu Divisional Police Station of complicity as nothing had been done about the earlier reported cases.

He called on the state government and other relevant authorities to quickly come to his aid before Patrick would kill him and his wife.

Another son of the distraught parents, David, said Patrick lifted his father up and threw him to the ground several times and tried to kill him by hitting his head on the palm tree he was sitting under, but the old man managed to escape.

David stated, “I am speechless. For over three years, Patrick, a primary school teacher, has never allowed my parents to rest.”

“I am calling on the AIG, the DPO of Owa-Oyibu, the NUT Ika North-East and the governor of Delta State to come to our aid. Patrick boasted countless times that he is above the law.”

When contacted, Patrick accused his parents and siblings of selling over 85 plots of land in order to travel abroad.

He stated, “They sold more than 85 plots for them to travel abroad. They sold so many things and I did not question them. Now, the only remaining plot of land is what they want to sell again.”

“My father said he wanted to sell and I said no. Share this thing so that we will give you money so that you can solve your problems. They took my picture, cooked up stories and went on the social media and it is viral now.”

@ Punch Newspaper

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