A Naturopath, Prof Idowu Ogunkoya, has urged Nigerians to consume more fruits and herbs to build their immune systems against COVID-19 and other infections.

Ogunkoya, who is also a member of the Nigerian Council of Physician of Natural Medicine, said, although no cure has been found for COVID-19, people who had been cured of the ailment had confessed to using natural methods.

He said, “The Chief Medical Director at the University College Hospital, Prof. Jesse Otegbayo, who tested positive to COVID-19 came back negative and he said he ate a lot of fruits and took herbs; so also Governor Seyi Makinde, he said he ate carrots, garlic, and took vitamin C as well as black seed oil.”

“What we are interested in as natural medicine physicians is to help people build their immunity with fruits and herbs; once people have a strong immunity, they are almost 70 per cent safe from any disease and infection.”

“There are natural foods, herbs that people can take to build up their immune system. These foods will strengthen the white blood cells that fight the disease and the foreign particles that get into the body.”

Ogunkoya said citrus fruits, pawpaw, carrot, garlic, ginger, spinach, almond nuts, bitter leaf and twigs were some of the natural foods people could consume to build their immune system.

He said citrus fruits like tangerine, lemon, oranges, grapefruits and lime were capable of supplying the body with vitamin c to develop the wire body cells.

“A whole pawpaw will give the body 224 per cent of your daily recommended amounts of vitamin c. It also contains other minerals like folic acid.”

“Carrots are good source of beta carotene, vitamin C; it has fibre, vitamin K1, potassium and it is an antioxidant. During the process of catabolism and anabolism, the body produces radicals which attack the cells. The antioxidants are capable of locking them up so that they won’t be dangerous to the body until the body gets rid of them,” Ogunkoya said.

The Naturopath added that garlics were good immune booster as they contained sulphur and zinc which could lower the blood pressure.

He said Gingers has anti-inflammatory ingredients which could reduce sore throat and could be used as analgesic to reduce chronic pains.

“Almond nuts contains Vitamin E; bitter leaf fights cancer and infectious diseases; Twigs pant is good for cough, and asthma. Once you are able to put all these in place in your system, you are not likely to be infected with COVID-19,” Ogunkoya said.

He urged the Federal and State Governments to involve natural medicines experts in the treatment of COVID-19.

@ Punch Newspaper

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