A 23-YEAR-OLD man has taken his life in the Angwa Tiv area of Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, The Nation has learnt.

Before Bayo killed himself on Monday, he was going about his business, not giving anything away, a source said.

He managed a thrift group, which was linked to his sudden death.

Bayo was said to have drunk Sniper, a popular insecticide.

The deceased who hailed from Ogori in the Ogori-Magongo area of the state, graduated from Kogi State Polytechnic about two years ago, and took up the daily money contribution business after failing to secure a paid job.

Another source said his death was “not ordinary” adding that the deceased was too gentle to have done anything untoward.

“He finished from Kogi Polytechnic about two years ago. He was managing money contributed by people. Maybe his death is not ordinary, because I don’t know how much he could have spent to make him do that.”

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