A 30-year-old tailor, Ahmed Shelle is currently cooling his heels at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Niger State Police Command for sodomizing two underage boys in his shop.

Ahmed was caught in the act by some curious neighbours, who had been suspecting his activities, and took a peek into the half-closed doors of his shop located around Angwan Daji area in Minna, Niger State.

According to the neighbours, his trousers were down while the boys were naked and he was already in the act with one of the boys while the other one watched.

Ahmed was saved from being lynched when some concerned onlookers alerted the Child Rights Agency, which promptly arrived to intervene.

In his confession, Ahmed said he lures his victims who are between eight to thirteen years into the act, by giving them his android phone which is full of sex videos to watch.

He said he did it for fun and that he had so far sodomized eight underage boys in the neighbourhood, since he began the act four years ago.

The neighbours said they had always suspected him but never caught him red-handed until luck ran out on him.

The mother of one of the boys said she could not believe that the tailor had been molesting her son even when she took him like family.

“I give this man food regularly; he even comes to my house to play with my children. I took him as one of my relatives; that is why I allowed my son to go to his shop, thinking he would learn something good from him. I never suspected this was what he was doing to him,” she said.

Speaking with The Nation, the Director-General of Niger State Child Rights Agency, Barrister Mariam Kolo, said the agency “arrived the scene in time to prevent the suspect from being lynched.”

She said that the suspect had confessed to the crime, saying, “he had been in the act for four years and had only molested eight boys; but we know that they will be more than that. If he is further drilled by the police, he will confess more numbers.”

Kolo, however, regretted that the Police are considering granting the suspect bail, due to the current directive that no station should take anyone into its cell and the fact that all courts are closed.

The DG called on parents not to leave their children unattended during this period of the lockdown, adding that sexual predators are on the prowl and on the increase.

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