Waka music exponent; Queen Salawa Abeni, has been forced to release her nude pictures on the social media to escape being blackmailed by an unknown man.

She said the scammer, who is threatening to tarnish her image and destroy her career of over 45 years, simply identifies himself as Jason and lives in Osun State.

Salawa took to her Instagram page to share the screenshots of her chats as well as the nude pictures.

“Good morning my family, friends and fans. I have something very important to tell you and I will really appreciate your audience. I am very disappointed that someone somewhere will try to tarnish my image and threaten to destroy my career of over 45 years.”

“This morning, I received messages from somebody threatening to expose very old pictures of me and in the process blackmailing me for money.”

“These could have been pictures of me in  hospital or even with my partner, but is this what has become of us? I plead with everybody out there to be very careful as our current situation has made people to become very desperate. I am almost 60 years old. I have worked very hard and made a name for myself for somebody to believe that they can threaten and trample on my feelings. This is very sad.”

“So I have decided to share the messages and pictures sent by this person with everyone for you all to see! Thank you and God bless you! For you the blackmailer, I refuse to be bullied by you as I’m sure that I’m old enough to be your mother.”

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