MY HUSBAND WANTS TO KILL ME – Divorce seeking wife tells court

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Monday dissolved the 10-year-old marriage between one Mujidat Odemoye and husband, Semiu, over alleged threat to life.

In her petition before Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, Mujidat, a resident of Isale-Ijebu area of  Ibadan, said that her husband had completely wrecked her business through his acts of hooliganism and was a threat to her life.

She further said that Semiu lived basically on smoking Indian hemp and drinking locally brewed gin popularly called Ogogoro.

“My lord, anytime Semiu sees me selling palm wine which is my own business to male customers, he becomes mad, accusing me of sleeping with them.”

“It was the same trade I was in before he married me 10 years ago and I cannot stop it.”

“Semiu constantly batters me and I have been in coma on a number of occasions.”

“In fact, he often tells neighbours that nothing will happen if I die through his punches and kicks.”

“Recently, when I ran away from his home for my dear life, Semiu together with some of his friends; stormed my shop the following morning to destroy my containers, bottles and kegs containing palm wine which made me to lose a lot of money.”

“Besides, he doesn’t take care of the children and I,” Mujidat said.

The defendant was, however, not in court to defend himself on the allegations leveled against him.

The bailiff said  Semiu had been given hearing notices and had attempted to assault him.

“My lord, when I served him the hearing notice for the third time, he told me that the court was not there when he married Mujidat and so cannot tell him how he would treat her,” the bailiff said.

In his judgment, Odunade pronounced the marriage dissolved and granted custody of the two children produced by the union to Mujidat.

He ordered Semiu to pay N10,000 as the children’s monthly feeding allowance in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare needs.

Odunade also directed that a copy of the judgment should be sent to Semiu for proper documentation.

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