The Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital has issued precautions to Osun State residents on Lassa fever.

A statement issued by the hospital public relations officer, Ayodele Adeyemo on Saturday explained that Lassa fever can also be spread from one infected person to another healthy person.

The statement read, “humans get the disease through handling rats, contact with food or household items that are polluted with rat urine or feces. “It can also be spread from one infected person to another healthy person by contact with blood, urine and other body fluids of someone that has the disease including sex.

He noted that there is no report of the fever in Osun state but it is very important that the following enlightening information is sent out for benefits of the general public, as prevention saves life more. He highlighted catarrh, headache, throat sore, vomiting, diarrhea bleeding from the nose, muscle pains and nausea as part of symptoms of the endemic disease.

He advised the residents to promote a good and healthy environment, keep foodstuff safe, avoid contact with rats and anybody suspected of exhibiting symptoms of Lassa Fever or related ailments should be taken to the nearest well-equipped hospital. Health care personnel are equally enjoined to utmost caution in discharging their duties in the state.

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