A 30-year-old man, Umar Tambari was arrested by the Niger State Police Command for beating his wife to death.

Tambari’s reason for beating his wife, Hawa is because she disrespects him and does not give him the honour due to a husband.

He said her disrespect got to the height that she refused to fetch water for him and give him food which is not acceptable in his tradition.

The incident which led to Hawa’s death occurred at Emiworo Village in Wushishi Local Government Area of the state when the couple had a disagreement over the wife’s refusal to fetch Tambari water to bath.

According to the suspect, when he went to fetch the water by himself, his late wife then accused him of taking her water which led to him losing his temper to beat her up.

“My wife looks down on me each time I ask her to fetch water for my bath and when fetched the water, she will accuse me of taking her water. On this day, I got angry and l beat the hell out of her.

“My wife does not accord me the respect I deserve as her husband and I have sent her to her early grave, in her next world, she will learn how to respect her husband.”

“She has been disrespecting me to an extent that she does not give me food she bought with my money, it is unacceptable in my place,” Tambari declared.

When asked if he regretted his action, the suspect said, “I have no regret, she has gotten what she deserved and is a lesson to women out there disrespecting their husbands.”

The suspect was arrested by a team of Policemen attached to Wushishi Division on a tip-off while trying to escape.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mohammad Abubakar, said the suspect did not waste time in admitting to the crime.

He said Tambari hit his wife with a stick several times which made her collapse but she died while she was being taken to hospital.

The PPRO then said the suspect has been charged to court.
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