When many people think of raising livestock, they often think of cows, pigs and chickens. There are few people who would actually consider raising, breeding, and selling grasscutters and their meat. This naiveté about these rodents is only one of the reasons why they are so profitable.

A profitable grasscutter farming business is determined by several factors. One advantage of getting into grasscutter farming is that it is a niche market as opposed to better known and used farm animals such as cattle, pig and chicken, meaning there are least threatening competitors.

Are you interested in selling its dry meat product? How about selling live matured grasscutters to hotels? Grasscutter meat is a good choice, especially for the market of some more exotic dishes that require tasty meat as its primary ingredient.

But if you think selling your beloved grasscutters for meat is hard, you have the option of being a grasscutter breeder. Selling grasscutter kids generates good profits. Whatever type of market you intend to do with that grasscutter business that you are planning the following are some tips for profitable grasscutter farming:

First of all, know what specific breed of grasscutters are most suited for the type of grasscutter farming business that you intend to have. All of them might be grasscutters, but not all of them are the same. Some grasscutters are even cross bred for specific purposes such as meat production, while some are better when it comes to prolific breeding. Upon your initial purchase, go for grasscutters that are of good quality also. Choosing the right breed is the key to your success while taking care of the rest. Get your quality grasscutter breeders from Jovana farms.

Learn to take care of your grasscutters properly and raise them well. A healthy one is a must-have for any profitable grasscutter farming business. A grasscutter shed and grasscutter cage (casted floor) is a necessity for any grasscutters out there, so consider it as an investment as well as protection.

Also, be sure to feed your grasscutter’s natural food (grass) or feeds appropriate for their purpose and role. For example, use feeds that are specifically meant for young grasscutters and kids, or lactating or pregnant grasscutters.

The advantage of using feeds is that one doesn’t have to bother much with the grasscutter’s nutrition aside from over feeding or vice versa.

Going for more natural foods (grass) is a more profitable grasscutter farming method, but you have to be aware on what you are feeding your grasscutters is not just safe for them, but also nutritionally appropriate for them. And never, ever forget to de-worm them periodically to ensure your animals are in their tip top shape as well as protect them from diseases.

 Grasscutter farming is growing rapidly in popularity because of the many advantage of their meat and the beliefs of people who choose not to eat the likes of pork or beef. Grasscutters are also very easy to breed, generally quite tame, and are also very profitable.

Industry experts currently estimate that the supply of grasscutter meat in Nigeria is half of the demand. This leaves a high margin for growth and expansion. Grasscutter farming is increasing with the importation of superior meat grasscutters and cross breeding of different breeds to produce quality meat and a meaty carcass.

The increasing demand for grasscutter meat is also due to its inherent health benefits. It is low in fat and cholesterol, while containing protein.

Grasscutter meat is white and already being recommended as an alternative meat for people suffering from heart problems.

Grasscutter farming might be unfamiliar or feel tough at first, but with the proper knowledge, dedication, and hard work, a profitable grasscutter farming business is sure to generate cash.




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