A 17-year-old boy identified as Rashidi has been arrested for alleged defilement of a seven-year-old girl.

The incident occurred at 4, Obanta Road, Apapa.

It was gathered that the victim’s mother learnt of the sexual assaults on her daughter on November 3, after her youngest child, who felt cheated on the Ice Cream bought for them, reported to their mother.

According to a representative of Arms of Comfort Foundation, Adejumo Kazeem, the younger child told their mother that her sister had been sucking brother Rashidi’s ‘Toi Toi’ (private part).

Kazeem said: “The woman was asked to narrate what happened and she said it was on November 3 that she knew. She said she bought Ice Cream for two daughters to share. The older one (names withheld) gave the younger one little and she was not happy about it.

“Then, she told her elder sister that she will tell mummy. Their mother heard it and asked the younger one to speak up. That was when the younger one told their mother that brother Rashidi has been making the seven-year-old suck his Toi Toi (private part).

“The woman asked the victim if it was true. She initially refused to open up but later begged the mother not to tell her father. The woman agreed she won’t tell their father and the child said she has done it three times.

“She said the child also said that the suspect one day put his penis in her vagina but it did not enter. When her father heard it, he was furious. They alleged the boy has done a similar thing to another neighbour’s son but it was not reported.”

Continuing, Kazeem said the woman and the kid were referred to the Mirable Centre for examination where it was established that the child had been penetrated through her anus and private part.

“They were offered counselling before they were referred to the Mirable Centre for check up. The results proved the child had been defiled. She was given drugs at Mirable Centre.

“We were asked if the matter has been reported to the police and we said no. We assured them we will do so once we got back. They said the test result can be given to us but the medical report is confidential and can only be given on request either to the police station or the court.

“Immediately we left Mirabel Centre, the Executive Director, Arms of Comfort Foundation typed a letter notifying the Area B Police Station Apapa and copied the Medical Officer and Education Officer at the Local Government.

“When we explained everything and presented the letter to the police on November 8, they rejected the letter because we did not notify them before referring the victim to the hospital for test and treatment.

“Another thing they said that baffled me was that we will have to motivate them financially. The victim’s mother said her husband had told his relatives abroad and they were interested in the case.

“When the police heard this, they told her to call the person that they will like to talk to the person which she did. It was later that day I called the woman and she said the boy has been arrested. She said the boy confessed to the crime…’ said Kazeem.

Police spokesman Chike Oti, a Chief Superintendent (CSP) confirmed the incident, adding that the case was currently at the gender sedition of the command.

Oti said: “The suspect was arrested and transferred to gender. He is under age and was sick. So, he was given administrative bail and handed over to his parents so he could be treated. The suspect will be charged to court  as soon as he gets better.”



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