OYO: Court dissolves 14-year old marriage over spiritual attack


Court dissolves 14-year old marriage over spiritual attack

Court dissolves 25-year-old marriage over husband’s irresponsible behaviour

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Thursday dissolved a 14-year-old marriage between Bunmi Adewuyi and Adegbite Adewuyi over spiritual attacks.

The court, presided over by Chief Ademola Odunade, said that the court terminated the union in the interest of peaceful living.

He awarded custody of the 13-year-old child produced by the union to Bunmi and directed Adegbite to pay a monthly allowance of N5, 000 for the child’s upkeep.

Odunlade advised the embittered husband to also see to the education as well as the other welfare of the child.

Bunmi had earlier told the court that her life was in serious danger due to series of spiritual attacks in her husband’s home.

“My lord, if I had known that my marital adventure will be characterised by unrest, bitterness and trauma, I would have chosen to remain a spinster.

“For over three years now, I have been suffering from uncontrollable menstration after Adegbite had sexual intercourse with me.

“When I went to the hospital, the menstrual problem almost defiled treatment, but there was remedy at last.

“When Adegbite slept with me again, the problem started all over and since then, I have been battling it all alone.

“Then, he had been demanding sex from me without helping me to find solution to my problem

“Since I stopped allowing him to sleep with me, Adegbite stopped catering for the child and I while enjoying himself outside.

“Worst still, anytime Adegbite had sex with me, some spiritual forces used to strangle my neck.

“At other times, those forces carry me into the jungle and present food which I must eat.
“Besides, our newly constructed building is usually a meeting point for soldier ants while a given snake also carries out its own threat.

“Lately, I have been experiencing symptom of stroke on my leg, arm and leg.

“Adegbite has just married another wife, please release me from Adegbite’s bondage,” Bunmi cried.

However, the respondent denied all the allegations against him and also opposed the divorce suit.

Adegbite, who is a trader, expressed surprise at his wife’s arguments, noting that no form of dispute had occurred between them.

“My lord, I have done everything within my power to show Bunmi how much I love her and I even gave her a worthwhile 40th birthday celebration recently.

“On her complaint about spiritual attacks, I wanted to take her to a Celestial Church, but Bunmi turned down the offer.

“We have just moved to a new site where snakes and soldier ants’ attacks are normal occurrence,” Adegbite argued.

Bunmi resides at Challenge and Adegbite lived at Elebu areas of Ibadan.




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