She’s dating our cleaner, attempted to sell my N4.2m car for N2m —Husband

She’s dating our cleaner, attempted to sell my N4.2m car for N2m


car, court, cleaner“I lifted her from the dust and lavished on her much love and care. I ensured she lacked nothing financially and materially but she paid me back by dating and sleeping with other men. She further went to sell my property without my consent. My lord, I’m done with her, please, separate us.”

The above was said by a middle-aged man,  Abiodun Oluyelu who dragged his wife to court seeking that it dissolves his eight-year-old marriage  to his wife, Oyindolapo Oluyelu.

Abiodun in his suit stated that his wife was a liar and an adulterer. He added that she sold his property without his consent.

He thus prayed the court to dissolve their marriage.

The plaintiff further appealed to the court to grant him custody of their two children and restrain her from coming to fight him in his place of residence or office.“My lord, my prayer this day is that this honourable court dissolves my eight-year-old marriage to my wife who I once held in high esteem and dotted on.  I lifted her from the dust and lavished money and attention on her.  She’s a full housewife and I give her a monthly allowance of N100 aside providing her with her material needs.  I extended this gesture to her family members also. I bought her mother a car and made funds available to her other family members also but she still went on to engage in illicit affairs.

“She has pictures of her lovers on her phone. I once came across a text message from one of her lovers on her handset. The message stated where and when they were to meet. I sought for an explanation on this and she turned the issue into a fight.  She rough-handled my shirt and held me tight on the neck. It took the intervention of my driver before she let go my neck.

“She constantly denies me sex but brings her lovers home any time I’m out of the country. One of them named Bode brought her cake on her birthday. The security officers at the gate of the estate where we live refused him access into the estate but she drove to the gate in my car, harassed the security men and brought him to our house.

“I got a wind of what happened on my return and got her lover arrested by SSS officers.  Bode’s wife on learning of her husband’s atrocities went irate at the police station and slapped him twice. She stated that she and their children had constantly gone to bed with empty stomachs because he cared less about their welfare but he had money to bake his lover a cake, “he said.

“My lord, she’s in the habit of selling my property without my consent.  I bought her a car worth N4.2 million and this she attempted to sell for N2 million. She also changed the keys to some rooms in the house thus restricting my access to such rooms.

“My family members now keep their distance because she’s unfriendly and refuses them access to our place.

“My lord, I’m no more interested in my wife and our marriage, please separate us. I also pray the court to help me retrieve my car, the keys to the rooms and other property from her, “he stated.





“I’m not ready to divorce my husband, Oyindolapo, “told the court.

“My husband lied that I’m adulterous.  He married me nine years ago at age 23 and I have remained faithful to him till date. Bode is the cleaner that helped us clean our house when we were about moving into the estate.  We have no other dealings aside this.

“It is true I attempted to sell the car but my attempt failed. I decided to sell the car because he stopped giving me my monthly allowance for almost a year despite knowing that I’m a full housewife and that I have no money of my own.

“I also intended to use some of the money from the sale to offset our kids’ school fees which he was yet to pay since he travelled out.

“I never sold his property and didn’t change the keys to any of the rooms.  He said these to paint me black.

“My lord, if he’s no longer interested in me I will go, but he can’t have the said car because I take our kids to school in it, “she said.

After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade  observed that there was no  more love between them.

Ruling, he dissolved their marriage and granted custody of their two children to the defendant.

The plaintiff was ordered to pay the sum of N20, 000 as monthly feeding allowance of both children and be responsible for their education and health care.

He was also asked to  give the defendant N10, 000 to pack her belongings from his house.


@ Nigerian Tribune

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