My police husband locked me in cell for six days, says divorce-seeking woman


My police husband locked me in cell for six days, says divorce-seeking woman


An Enugu State High Court on Monday gave Kyrian Ibe, a policeman, and his wife, Lilian, till May 28 to settle their marital differences.

Lilian had urged the court to dissolve their eight-year marriage for alleged maltreatment of the husband.

The petitioner also begged the court to award her custody of their four-year-old son held hostage by her husband.

“My son is in the custody of his brother, Philip, and he also locked me up in the police cell for six days without cause,” he said.

He said his wife had been having extra-marital affairs, adding that this led to her arrest and detention by the police.

“She left my house for another man’s house and I led some policemen and arrested her,’’ he said.

The respondent said that he still loved his wife and was ready for reconciliation to ensure that his family got back to its original state.

The judge, Justice Afamefuna Nwobodo, asked Lilian if she was ready to let her matrimonial home go.

Lilian told the court that she did not want to leave her matrimonial home but wanted the court to save her from the husband’s maltreatment.

Nwobodo urged the respondent’s younger brother and wife, Philip, to do their best and resolve the couple’s differences before the next sitting.

He adjourned the matters till May 28 for reports of the proposed settlement.

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