He impregnated another woman, married her, after I fed, clothed him for years —Wife SHE NAGS, NEVER CONTENTED WITH WHAT I GIVE HER —MAN

He impregnated another woman, married her, after I fed, clothed him for years




A woman, Aminat Busari has brought a divorce suit against her husband, Wasiu Busari at Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Aminat in her suit accused her husband of neglect and being unfaithful to her. She added that he was in the habit of beating her always.

She thus urged the court to separate them and grant her custody of their two children.

Aminat when giving her evidence stated that, “My husband and I have been living from hand to mouth since we got married. We were living with his mother after we got married and I had our two children there.

“I trained as a fashion designer but ended up as a food vendor because my husband didn’t have money to set me up in the business.

“I trek miles hawking food every day and also work in canteens in order to keep the home going since my husband comes back home with little or nothing. But my husband appears indifferent to all efforts and sacrifices I have been making.

“He shows me no care or affection and has consistently neglected me, “Aminat told court.

“He is a barber and has a saloon but his business has not been doing well, he, therefore, decided to move to Lagos to work. I was the one feeding and taking care of our children’s welfare while he was away.

“And when he finally returned, he came with nothing. He had to start from the scratch again.

“I did all I could to cover his shame during the last Ileya festival. I bought him and our children clothes for the celebration and, as always, fed the home. I also gave him some amount to give to his mum.

“But being an ingrate, his best way of showing appreciation is to beat me. He beats me on a regular basis and on many occasions leaves me with swollen face, bruises and wounds, “she added.

“My lord, I later learnt he had impregnated another woman. I asked him, he confirmed it but showed no sign of remorse. We quarreled on the issue and he left home.

“I went to where he was staying and met the woman with him. He beat and almost killed me. There and then I made up my mind I was going to divorce him.

“I reported him to his father and he threw his weight behind me on the issue of divorce, the plaintiff stated.

Wasiu, responding to what his wife said, stated that he acceded to divorce, but refused that his wife  has custody of their two children.

“My wife is never contended with whatever I give her. She’s always nagging and complaining that I have not done enough.

“I was dating a lady who I later impregnated. She wanted to go for an abortion but I refused because I wasn’t sure if it would be successful.

“I tried all I could to keep the incident away from my wife but she later got to know. She fought and made our home hot for me.

“I tried to placate her by giving her more attention and money but she was not just satisfied. I left home when she refused that I have peace of mind.

“She came to where I was to fight me. She threatened to leave me and packed her things out of our home.

“I took our first child to my mother at Osogbo in order that he might have proper care while our second child is with my wife, “he concluded.

After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that there would be the need to have the children and parents of both parties in court before judgment was given. He thus adjourned the case till January 22, 2018 and ordered the duo to come along with their children and parents.






– Nigerian Tribune

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