Driver, 31, rapes 20-yr-old girl pretending to be Angel from God …I told her not to sleep in her father’s house that night, that I’m the angel God sent to save her life from death – Rapist


Driver, 31, rapes 20-yr-old girl pretending to be Angel from God

…I told her not to sleep in her father’s house that night, that I’m the angel God sent to save her life from death

– Rapist


A 31-YEAR-old commercial  bus driver and Muslim faithful, Alaba Shodamola, was recently, arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly raping a 20- year-old girl (name withheld) under the pretence of being her God-sent Angel to save her from being killed in the night by enemies. The suspect who lives at 24, Mosan Road, Ipaja, Lagos, according to police sources, was arrested after disguising as an Angel to have illicit sexual affair with the unsuspecting girl. The source told Crime Guard; “On June 7, 2017 around 9.00 pm, the suspected rapist lured the unsuspecting victim who was sent on an errand by her father, to his house. Rape He told her that if she slept in her father’s house that night, she would die. He lied to her that her enemies were going to kill her in the night, insisting that the only thing that would save her was for her to follow him to his house where he would stop her enemies who wanted to take her life in the night.”

God-sent angel

According to sources; “He allegedly deceived her by claiming to be her ‘God sent Angel’ that will save her from the impending danger. It was then that he lured the girl to his house and raped her. The driver later allowed her to go at about 1.00 am. Before then, the father had already reported to the police station that her daughter was missing.” It was gathered that the victim was later arrested by the police that night on her way home and upon interrogation, she alleged that she had been raped by the suspect following which the operatives moved swiftly, arrested the suspect and took him to Ipaja Police Station. Family Support Unit takes over The suspected rapist was later handed over to the Family Support Unit (FSU), of the Isokoko Police Division, Agege, Lagos State which handles cases of child abuse, family dispute, defilement or rape, domestic violence and so on, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

According to the source, other police divisions which have cases like that usually transfer them to Isokoko or other few Divisions with FSU for more professional handling. Nobody is above mistake The suspect, an indigene of Ogun State, told Crime Guard during an interview: “I’m a commercial bus driver and a Muslim. I’m fasting but the truth is that, nobody is above mistake.” He quoted a story in the Bible when a woman was brought before Jesus for committing adultery and stated: “I know I’m a sinner apart from inheriting sins from my forefathers. I’m fasting but had to get myself involved in this sin. God knows anything that will happen to a man before it happens. I talked to God and pleaded for mercy; let Him have mercy on me. I believe in the Bible and the Koran. “I got it wrong when I made a covenant with God that if he blessed me, I would serve him but immediately God blessed me, I reneged on that promise. I made money and spent it anyhow without going back to God. I believe that’s why he is punishing me. Before this happened about a month ago, I had a dream where I saw somebody arresting me but I did not understand it until this thing now happened.”

Narrating what happened further, he said: “I have been seeing this girl on the street and I love her. I have been looking for ways to talk to her. So, that day around 9.00 pm when I saw her, I said to myself, I will sleep with this girl today. Then, I started thinking about how to convince her. I then walked to her. By that time, I had already closed from work. I asked her where she was going and she said her father sent her on an errand. I asked about her mother and she told me that her mother has died. I’m not an angel; I just used that trick to lure her to bed “From there, I started my brain-game on her. I told her not to sleep in her father’s house that night, that I’m the angel God sent to save her life from death. I asked her to buy three sachets of salt and give to beggars. But she would have to come to my house for me to do the work that remains. I told her to follow me to my house which she did. She did not shout. I’m not married and I’m the only person living in my room. I’m not an angel; I just used that trick to lure her to my bed because I did not know what else to convince her with. I told her not to buy the salt again after having sex with her.


Domestic violence

“When we got inside the house, I told her that we have to sleep together which she obliged and opened it herself. We did not force ourselves and I did not stay up to one hour. I did it once using condom, I did not even enjoy it. After that, she asked me to give her transport that she wanted to go home. It was around 1.00am in the night. She was on her way home when the police arrested her. She reported to them that I had raped her and led them to arrest me. Already, her father had reported to the station that her daughter was missing.”



I did not deflower her

The suspect continued: “I’m not the one that deflowered the girl; she told me she has a boyfriend. Both my family and her family had agreed with the IPO that we don’t want to continue with the case but, I do not know why they transferred the case here.

“ It was gathered that Isokoko Police Division is the pioneer Model Police Division under the Lagos State Police Command among few others which are vested with the responsibility of handling cases of rape, domestic violence, defilement, family dispute and so on.

The station has a specially trained officer in-charge of the unit. These cases are handled with uttermost confidentiality; anything that concerns the victim is shielded away from public to avoid stigmatization.

– Vanguard

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