8-YEAR-OLD BOY GONE MISSING AT IKOYI PRAYER MOUNTAIN! …After my son got missing, the church officials just asked us to leave


…After my son got missing, the church officials just asked us to leave

– Father






THE family of Mr Olanrewaju Olatunde is presently agonising over the disappearance of their son while seeking a spiritual intervention in a church in Ikoyi, Isokan Local Government Area of Osun State.

Eight-year-old Boluwatife has been missing for nine days now after disappearing, Friday last week, from the church auditorium. He had lay beside his mother, Odunola, alongside his sister, five-year-old Akorede, in the evening of Thursday, shortly after his father left for prayer on the church’s “mountain”.

The family of four had left their Igando, Lagos residence for a three-day prayer at the Christ Apostolic Church, Ori Oke Ayo, Ikoyi.

The distraught father, Olatunde, 35, while relating his family’s ordeal to Saturday Tribune, said Boluwatife’s mother, Odunola, 30, became aware of the disappearance of her son after she was woken up by the bite of an ant.

“She woke up to find out that only Boluwatife’s sister was beside her. There were other people sleeping there too, including two women. She quickly alerted me to the situation and we began a frantic search for him, combing every nook and cranny of the church,” he said.

Olatunde appealed to the police authorities to help find his son and put his family out of their misery.

“After my son got missing, the church officials just asked us to leave. I said, ‘What about my son? That was the point at which I realised I had to report the development to the police. Boluwatife is not a wanderer; he doesn’t stray from wherever we ask him to be.”

He said he had been invited to the prayer “mountain” by a pastor whom he met at a “prayer mountain,” Ori Oke Ikoyi, earlier this month. Pastor Ayeniromo, he said, is the second in command at CAC, Ori Oke Ayo. According to him, the invitation followed his discussion of some spiritual matters involving his son with the cleric.

“Boluwatife was discovered missing in the early hours of Friday, last week (21 July, 2017). I had come to the Christ Apostolic Church, Ori Oke Ayo, Ikoyi, with my wife, Odunola and children – Boluwatife and Akorede, who is five years old. We had come for a “mountain prayer”. The church which I actually attend is CAC, Igando, Lagos.

“We arrived in the Ikoyi church in the morning of Wednesday last week (19 July, 2017) for a three-day prayer. Around 7 o’clock in the evening of Thursday (20 July, 2017), I left for the prayer arena while my children remained with their mother in the church auditorium. There were also two women there and the man that invited me to the church.

“This nightmare began when my wife woke up from her sleep after being bitten by an ant. It was 4.00 a.m. Then she looked around and discovered that Boluwatife was no longer by her side. She became worried. The development was brought to my attention but our horror worsened after we searched the entire auditorium and the church premises and could not find my son.

“After a fruitless search of the entire area for my son, I reported the matter to the police headquarters in Apomu. Afterwards, the women that were in the auditorium with my wife before they slept and the officials of the church were invited for questioning and were later asked to go. I am distraught. I have to keep looking everywhere for my boy. As of now, it appears no one but my family is interested in finding my son. The Commissioner of Police in Osun State told me the case would be transferred to Osogbo.

“I live at Isuti Road, Egan, in the Igando area of Lagos. I am greatly disturbed by the disappearance of my son and nobody seems to be helping in seeing to it that he is recovered. I am not feeling all right at all. I have to find my son. Boluwatife is my firs-born. His sister is Akorede. She is five years old and their mother is currently pregnant with our third child. I am still in Osogbo. I cannot go back to Lagos; I have to find my son.

“I appeal to the authorities to come to my aid. I beg fellow Nigerians to help me find my son. I am being unfairly treated because I have no money or ties to strong people.

“I hail from Osogbo here. I trade in rice, beans and other foodstuffs. I originally trained as a photographer but I took to buying and selling after I gathered some money to start this trade. My wife is a hairdresser and she is also into the makeup business. Boluwatife attends Jummy Group of Schools in Igando, Lagos. He is in Nursery One.”

The state police command’s spokesperson, Folasade Odoro, did not answer several calls put through to her mobile telephone line on Friday by Saturday Tribune for the official police reaction to the boy’s disappearance.



– Nigerian Tribune

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