I DONT FEEL INTIMIDATED BY MY MALE COLLEAGUES – Juju Artiste; Temitope Aboyade “Ten Ten”





-Juju Artiste; Temitope Aboyade “Ten Ten”


Come Sunday, 30th July 2017, Temitope Aboyade popularly known as Ten Ten and her International Royal Band will be hosting her fans worldwide at Diamond hall inside the famous Lagos Country Club, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

On that day, the mother of two who just returned to Nigeria from her United Kingdom trip will launch her 6th album titled “The Grace” (Oore Ofe). 

In this interview with OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi, Ten Ten explained how her career started, challenges, trips abroad and many more.

Enjoy reading.

Tell us how your career in music started?

My career in music started when I was 7 years old in the church.


Why did you choose music as a career?

Singing is my talent and I have passion for it.


Which year did you form your band?

The band was formed in the year 1995.


Were you a part of any band before you formed your own?

Am not in any band before I formed my own, like I said earlier, I started from the church.


As a female musician in a male dominated industry, what are the challenges confronting you?

So many challenges that I can’t even explain.

It is very sure that somebody will face challenges before achieving his or her goals in life.


Do you feel intimidated with the number of male in the juju sector of the music industry where you are also a player?

I don’t feel intimidated at all.


Ayo Balogun is generally believed to be the queen of juju music, with your popularity, do you see yourself emerging as the next queen of juju music after Ayo Balogun?

(Smiles) Everything is in the hand of God.


Who is your role model in the music industry?

My role models are King Sunny Ade and Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi.


How many albums do you have to your credit right now and when is the next one coming out?

Five album now and another one on the way.


You are a Nigeria based juju artiste who has travelled ou of Nigeria several times to perform, what’s the difference between the way artistes are appreciated home and the way they are being appreciated abroad?

There is no difference between the way artistes are being appreciated here in Nigeria and abroad, it’s all the same


What are your plans for the next five years?

My plan for the next five years is to be more famous and to become a mega star. May God help me.


What message do you have for your fans?

The message I have for my fans is I will always make my fans happy and not disappoint them,they should be expecting my New Album coming out soon




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