The court president, Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs S.M Akintayo has given judgment on the divorce suit brought before the court by a man, Olaniyi Olajire against his wife, Omolabake Olajire based on alleged indecent dressing and infidelity by latter.

Olaniyi stated before the court that, “My wife was defiant and refused to take orders from me.”

“Omolabake suddenly started dressing indecently and refused to change despite frowning on it”

“She started wearing tight trousers, short, body revealing dresses and trainers.”

“My lord, my wife is promiscuous. I caught her on many occasions with her lovers.”

“Omolabake had the guts to bring her lover to our home. These men flocked around her in her shop which was one of the reasons she returned home late.”

“My wife went against my will and sold beer.”

“I returned home at 9:00 p.m every day to meet an empty home and a cold kitchen.”

“There was a particular man who visited her in her shop almost every day. She would cook for this man and they would both eat.”

“I once caught both of them eating and fought with the man.”

“My mother in-law reacting to this, to my chagrin got me arrested by the police and I was put in their custody for days.”

“Omolabake further humiliated me by fighting with another woman over a man.”

“My wife spent most of her weekends outside the home because she was in the habit of attending all night parties.”

“She was also a common face at hotels. She attended hotels with her friend and both would drink and get drunk.”

“She broke the door to our apartment while I was at work and went away with both her belongings and mine.”

“Omolabake refused that our children resume in school this term.”

“She also lied that I sent hired assassins after her.”

“My lord, I pray that the court order Omolabake to return my belongings and also grant me custody of our three children because she is not a good example to them, “the plaintiff pleaded.

Omolabake responding said, “Olaniyi is an irresponsible fellow.”

“He never gave me money to buy baby items the three times I was pregnant.”

“My husband bought clothes for our children only once in a year.”

“I sought for fund to rent a shop through a cooperative and my business was doing well.”

“I sold indomie and egg in the night and had more of the opposite sex as customers. I later stopped the trade because he was always accusing me of dating these men.”

“My lord, he lied that I sold beer against his will. He gave me a go-ahead and even went further to help purchase cartoons of it. I purchased the deep freezer through a cooperative.”

“My husband refused to let me be. He often embarrassed me by fighting with my customers who came to drink.”

“I, thereafter advised him against coming to my shop so as to avoid the regular fights.”

“He was also fond of beating me and leaving me with scars.”

“I would have been blind by now because he once wounded my eye after beating me blue black.”

“My lord, we both shared the expenses of our children’s education when I was with him, but he has stopped contributing his quota since I left him.”

“We also both contributed towards feeding the home. He would buy meat or fish for the week, while I bought and ground pepper and also provided oil and condiments for soup. I was the one buying food stuff.”

“He would refuse to buy another fish or meat in case the he earlier bought finished before weekend.”

“Olaniyi never stopped calling me on phone and raining curses on me since I left him.”

“My lord, I agree that both of us go our different ways, “the defendant stated.

Akintayo giving judgment dissolved their wedlock and granted the defendant custody of their children.

According to her, the evidence of the plaintiff shows he returns home late.

She added that the defendant through her evidence showed she was capable of caring for the children.

Akintayo stated that although the plaintiff accused the defendant of infidelity, he never caught her sleeping with any man.

Akintayo further explained that the children were in their formative years and therefore necessary to be together so as to encourage intimacy.

The children were ordered to spend their holidays with the plaintiff.

The plaintiff was instructed to give their three children, N15, 000 per month as feeding allowance through the court.

Both the plaintiff and defendant were mandated to share the responsibility of their children’s education and health care.

The court restrained the defendant from disturbing, harassing and interfering with the plaintiff’s private life.

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