Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has ruled that the union between a woman, Abosede Emmanuel and her husband, Aina Aregbesola, is dissolved, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Abosede, who dragged her husband to court, accused him of irresponsibility.

The plaintiff stated that her husband who is an ex-convict, daily depended on her for survival.

According to her, he moved in with her after serving his jail term and ended up making her life miserable.

She explained that he was in the habit of bringing in women to her apartment when she was at work and would fight her if she complained.

She added that he was diabolic and was always threatening to deal with her.

Abosede told the court their relationship was hampering her health and thus appealed to the court to bail her out of her predicament.

She further prayed for the custody of the only child produced by their relationship, whom she said she didn’t want to take after his father.

The plaintiff, in addition, appealed to the court to restrain him from coming to harass or fight her at her place of abode or work place.

Aina gave his consent to divorce.

The defendant acknowledged that his wife was supportive of him while he was going through trials, but added that he was the one who ought to have charged her to court.

Aina explained that his wife’s attitude towards him changed a few months after he returned from jail.

He stated that she suddenly became intolerant and started humiliating him.

The defendant in addition said that Abosede was always threatening to arrest him with the police and ensure he went back to jail.

Aina told the court he was ready to part ways with Abosede, but insisted on having his son is his custody.

According to him no one can stop him from having his son.

“My lord, I have thought things over and come to the conclusion that the best way to save myself from depression is  to part ways with my husband.

“I have gained nothing from our relationship except frustration and shame.

“While other women have men lavishing love, care and money on them, the reverse is my case.

“Despite my commitment to our relationship, Aina has refused to deal kindly with me.

“I went into relationship with my husband not because of financial gains. As a matter of fact he had nothing when we met.

“I fell in love with him when we met and we started dating.

“The more intimate our relationship became, the more I desired to know about him, but I noticed he was always dodging some of my questions, especially those that had to do with his background, family setting and his source of livelihood. This information was vital to me but he kept me in the dark about them.

“He moved in with me and not too long after that he was arrested for an offense which I wasn’t clear about. He was in the police custody for a while and later released.

“He returned to my place after his release and then started controlling me.

“He started deciding who and who should visit me and would often complain that I return home late from work, not considering the nature of my work.

“He once got mad with me when my father visited me. He complained that I didn’t notify him before he came.

“I overlooked all his misbehaviour because I loved him, “the plaintiff stated.

Abosede added that, “My lord, Aina, a few months after his first arrest went for an armed robbery operation and was caught.

“That was when I knew his source of livelihood. He was convicted and sentence to five years imprisonment.

“I was already carrying his baby by this time, although we never had any formal or informal wedding ceremony.

“My lord, I stayed committed to Aina for the years he was away. I refused to go into any other relationship and did my best to take care of our son.

“He was released last year and he again moved in with me.

“I was the one feeding and taking care of him and our child. I was also paying the rent. I advised that he learnt a trade, but he took offense at me.

“To my chagrin, Aina started bringing home different women when I was at work. Our neighbours told me all of his atrocities and advised that I sent him packing.

“The landlord association of my area is also not favourably disposed to my accommodating him. They are not comfortable having him around.

“Aina is diabolic. He used to threaten me with charms and other terrifying objects any time we have a misunderstanding.

“My lord, Aina is jeopardizing my health as a result of his disgraceful lifestyle. I no longer want him near me.

“I plead with this court to end our relationship and grant me custody of our only child. I want to raise him up properly so that he would not take after his father.

“I also entreat the court to restrain him from coming to harass me in my place of abode or work place, “the plaintiff begged.

“My lord, I should be the one to have dragged Abosede to court this morning, but my consideration is that she was good to me in the past, “Aina said while giving his evidence.

“She lied about the house rent. She collected a part of the rent from my family while I was in prison, while I also paid half of the amount the last time it was due.

“Abosede suddenly changed towards me after I was released from prison. She became intolerant and was in the habit of addressing me rudely. She pours insults on me.

“She comes home late from work because she is now dating other men. If I ask why she was late she would tell me we are not husband and wife.

“Abosede was always threatening to arrest me with the police and ensure I go back to jail. She actually brought home the police at two different occasions to arrest me, but I ran away.

“She refused to communicate with me after this and blocked my line.

“Abosede has refused me access to our son. My lord, I have told her not even the president, Mohammad Buhari will stop me from having custody of our son, “he concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their marriage and granted custody of their child to the plaintiff.

The defendant was asked to pay N5, 000 every month through the court for their child’s feeding and also be responsible for his education and health care.

The defendant was further mandated to remove all his belongings from the plaintiff’s house.

Both were advised to maintain peace.

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