The twenty-six-year old wedlock between a woman, Kemi Oyeniyi and Sola Oyeniyi, has been dissolved by Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Kemi who dragged her husband to court accused him of infidelity. The plaintiff alleged that her husband ran after everything in skirt.

According to the plaintiff, the defendant played no significant role in the home, while he squandered his income on strange women.

She added that her husband attempted to lace her with magun.

Kemi, therefore, entreated the court to end their relationship and award her custody of their three children.

Sola admitted to claim.

He told the court his wife was unfair to him.

According to Sola, he sold his commercial bus to take care of her when she was sick, but that she deserted him after she returned home two and a half years after she went abroad to seek greener pasture.

Sola explained that Kemi felt she had ‘arrived’ and therefore found it humiliating staying married to him, a mere mechanic.

The defendant refused that the plaintiff be awarded custody of their children.

Kemi in her evidence said, “I implore this honourable court to dissolve my marriage to my husband. I’m tired of our relationship and have no desire to go any further in it.

“My husband is the most irresponsible and unreliable person I have ever met.”

“He misplaced the trust I had in him when he started dating and sleeping with other women. He has strings of lovers and cares less about my feeling.”

“My husband doesn’t wish me well. He wanted to kill me through magun but his plan failed.”

“My life is not safe with him. All I plead for is the dissolution of our marriage and custody of our three children, “she stated.

“I entreat this court to grant my wife’s prayer of divorce, but refuse that she has our children, “the defendant said.

“Kemi is a liar. She’s knows I’m not a womaniser, neither am I diabolic. I have nothing to do with magun. She said all that to curry the court’s favour.”

“I showered love and attention on my wife. As a responsible man, I did all I could to meet her needs and that of our children.”

“I spent through the nose taking care of her when she once took ill. I decided to sell my commercial vehicle to offset her medical bills while she was on admission in the hospital.”

“Kemi after recovering travelled out of the country for two and a half years to seek greener pasture and left our children in my care.”

“She sent N80,000 twice for the children’s care while there. She never regretted leaving the children with me because I took proper care of them and they told her this whenever she called on phone.”

“I was faithful to her throughout this period. I never got involved in any relationship nor took another wife.”

“My lord, to my chagrin, Kemi deserted me. She refused to come back to my house after she returned from abroad.”

“She again took custody of our children without my knowledge or consent.”

“I am setting my eyes on my wife for the first time since she returned to Nigeria.”

“My lord, it is obvious that Kemi is no longer interested in me. She believes she has ‘arrived’ and finds it demeaning having a mechanic as her husband,” he concluded.

Ruling, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their marriage.

He handed over the first and second children produced by the couple to the defendant and the third to the plaintiff.

The defendant was asked to give the plaintiff N5,000 every month for the last child’s feeding.

He was also directed to be in charge of her education and health care.

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