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– Biyi Samuel 
Inspirational musician; OLUBIYI SAMUEL popularly known as Biyi Samuel “Igi Aruwe” is unarguably one of the finest male voices in the Nigerian music industry today.
He’s known home and abroad for his gospel songs ministration which he has used to gain souls for God over the years. 
Come Sunday, September 30, 2018, he will be hosting people from all walks of life at the 2018 edition of his yearly concert tagged COMMUNITY PRAISE holding at the prestigious BAMBOO HALL at Omole, Ikeja, Lagos.
In this chat with OSUN CITIZEN’S Executive Editor; Dotun Olanibi, Biyi Samuel explains what his fans will enjoy at this year’s concert, the secret behind his consistency, fashion, challenges and many more.
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At this time that the economic situation of the country is making many big brands cancel their shows, you’re still holding on to the YEARLY COMMUNITY PRAISE CONCERT, how have you been able to achieve that?
First of all God, being the foundation of the Community Praise Annual Concert has been the reason we are still pressing on.
Let me quickly say that it has not in any way been easy but God is forever faithful.
God keeps showing up at every juncture.
What are the highlights of this year’s edition of COMMUNITY PRAISE; what should people watch out for?
For this year’s edition of the Community Praise, we decided to bring in a vibrant Gospel music artiste who is not from the South West so we can have a balance and I’m talking about Efe Nathan.
We will be having some very short drama presentations too. We decided to invite Big Bolaji also because He is a contemporary Gospel act and I love the way he does it.
We picked Elijah Daniel for this year’s concert because I have watched him minister and I can say that He is so blessed of God.
Minister Rain is one guy I just respect because he has tone, he knows how to carry his crowd along, and he’s spirited.
Titilayo Euba is ministering at this year’s concert because we believe she’s anointed and will ably represent Bukola Bekes very well since she(Bukola Bekes) will not be in Nigeria at the time.
Dare Melody is a bridge because we strongly believe that he will unite everyone with his performance being the only famous and longstanding Yoruba Gospel music act.
My very good Friend, Dotun Taylor who happens to be a filmmaker, historian, and voice over artiste is the official MC for this year’s concert alongside Orange FM’s Director of Programs; Adeolu Gboyega.
A lot of people are still wondering how the idea of COMMUNITY PRAISE was conceptualized; would you mind sharing it with us?
You know a lot of music artists have titles for their concerts but it got to a time when I had to pray to God for a concert title that is not common and Community Praise came up.
And the mandate is very simple; Gather my people in my name and praise me.
You’re raising the bar this year with the standard of the array of stars you’re parading at COMMUNITY PRAISE, why did you go for these A-CLASS artistes?
We needed to make the concert credible enough for people to attend every year and there was need for us to give Family, Friends,and Fans enough reasons to long for the concert every year by adjusting and raising bars when and where need be.
5, Biyi Samuel has always been a consistent artiste; what’s the secret behind your consistency?
It’s simple and this is what I mean; you know when great Prophets of God keep telling you not to bother to look for another job that this is what God has called you to do.
And then, I have come to understand that the annual gathering we call Community Praise is also a way of maintaining one’s relevance in the industry as no year passes by without people reading about you especially when the concert is close.
6, With all the challenges you’ve faced in your career, you’re still standing tall, how have you been coping?
It’s been God and I sincerely mean it’s been God.
I’ve got a lot on the inside of me to share because it really has not been easy but God is forever faithful.
People always commend your fashion sense, which fashion item can you spend your last money on?
Ah this one, I really just love to look for any performance.
My clothes, shoes, wristwatches, and haircut. I will never joke about those 4 because outfit says a lot about one.
Not just one in particular but the entire 4 including cologne.
People often talk about your generousity, friendliness and humility. Looking at these qualities, how have you been able to take them on board despite being a public figure?
I just naturally believe that I can’t go far if I’m not humble.
Being generous, you know there’s a kind of peace and relief you get whenever you make someone happy out there.
Being friendly, every man needs people because people are people, and people are so important as no man can make it all alone.
As an inspirational musician who have inspired many people through your songs across the world, where do you derive your own inspiration from?
My inspirations are solely from God.
10, A lot of up and coming artistes look up to you as one of the leaders in the industry, what advise do you have for them?
They should hold on to God and be very true to their callings.

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