A woman, Idowu has told Grade A Customary Court, Oja Oba, Ibadan, Oyo State, she is no longer willing to stay in her marriage to her husband, Dapo, whom she alleged made her life miserable.

Idowu stated that Dapo was irresponsible and fond of beating her.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant refused to be up to his responsibilities in the home and therefore made her bear the brunt of looking after the family’s welfare.

According to Idowu, she was the one paying the rent and feeding her family, amongst other things.

She added that despite her efforts in seeing to it that the home was run smoothly, her husband never desist from maltreating her.

She further said that he extended his inhumane behaviour towards her male customers whom he accused her of dating.

The plaintiff also stated that the defendant never ceased to pour insults on her parents anytime they waded in their differences

Idowu told the court she has had enough of her husband’s atrocities and therefore prayed that it rule that they go their separate ways.

The plaintiff also pleaded for the custody of their children in order to give them adequate care.

Dapo denied all the allegations brought against him, but acceded to divorce.

He also agreed that his wife had custody of their children.

He stated that he was not happy with his wife because she was always receiving calls from men, even in his presence.

According to Dapo, Idowu was in the habit of entertaining men in her shop.

He added that her father once got him arrested by the police and locked up in the cell for days.

Idowu, in her evidence, said, “My husband impregnated me after we dated for a few months and later moved in with me.”

“We did not hold a wedding ceremony and he did not pay my bride price.”

“I realised that I made a mistake in the choice of a husband a few weeks after we started living together.”

“My husband never saw it as his duty to feed or clothe me.”

“Despite being heavily pregnant, he left me to fend for myself and also him.”

“My husband has never made any effort to pay the rent, yet he always claims to be the head of the home.”

“Things got worse and gradually out of hand when our children started coming.

“He daily neglected their needs and was not bothered how they fared.”

“I took up the challenge of their education since he was indifferent to it and ensured that they had the best.”

“The only thing my husband is good at is beating me.”

“He hates that I ask him for money to run the home and would beat me anytime I did.”

“My husband shows me no mercy when he is angry with me. He will descend on me with punches and leave me with wounds to nurse.”

“He acts rudely towards my parents anytime they made an attempt to mediate in our differences, which made them keep their distance from us.”

“My husband not only beats me at home but do come to my shop to harass, threaten and fight my male customers, and destroy my goods.”

“He is determined to ruin my business and make me live from hand to mouth.”

“I am tired of living with a nuisance and therefore prayed that the court dissolve our marriage.”

“I plead that I be awarded custody of our children, while he is made to be responsible for all their needs, giving feeding, education, and health care a priority.”

“I further request for an order restraining him from coming to my house and shop to threaten and fight me and my customer. He also destroys my goods.”

Dapo responded, “My wife is full of lies.”

“It is not true that she pays the rent. I returned the last rent she paid in two installments.”

“My lord, I do not trust my wife. She has not been faithful to me.”

“She also does not fear or have respect for me.”

“Idowu spends hours on the phone. She calls her lovers in my presence and also receives calls from them.”

“She spites me anytime she does that, but she cares less about my feelings.”

“I once caught her treating one of her lovers to a sumptuous meal in her shop.”

“I got infuriated and threw the food away.”

“Her parents rather than mediate in our differences and call her to order would always take sides with her.”

“This gives her the courage to flout my orders in the home and treat me with scorn.”

“Her father went as far as arresting me with the police and locking me up in the cell for days.”

“I swore our marriage was over after they meted out such a treatment to me.”

“My lord, my wife can have custody of our children, and I will be responsible for their upkeep.”

“I cannot afford the fee of a private school. I, therefore, pray the court to rule that our children be withdrawn from their present school and enrolled in a public school.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case.


@ Nigerian Tribune

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