No matter where you want to lead, you must remember nothing happens overnight. Even the ‘born-to-leads’ are willing to learn and reflect at all times. Leadership is not a right; it is what you are made of, as qualities that can make you a leader. 

Leadership in this context is not just about being a leader in a company or politically. It can be anywhere or about anything. While bad leaders are easily recognised, the qualities discussed in this article are essential to distinguish yourself from the bad ones.



People like to be treated with respect by showing them they matter. A true leader must understand this and respect people for who they are; making them feel comfortable during interactions and the chance to voice their opinion.


A leader is a visionary. Ideas are relayed in ways that can be perfectly understood by others. A leader has a clearer picture of what should be and easily spot inappropriateness.



This is the ability to maintain balance amid troubles. A leader ensures emotions never get in the way of work or add it; dares to move forward. This kind of strength helps followers perform well.


This is where you write a voluminous book of how you want to be remembered. A leader is honest; and stands for the truth no matter the situation. Leaders don’t mislead people; they are reliable, and trustworthy and never joke with their name because it’s like a trademark.



One of the most important qualities of a good leader is the ability to listen more. Yes, every detail of what others have to say must not be ignored. Leaders are not self-centred. A leader is always ready to take corrections because the truth is, you can’t know it all. From there, decisions made reflect the needs of everyone to grow.


A good leader is patient because nothing good comes from a hasty attitude. A leader is always ready to hear others out; and understand their motives before concluding. A leader doesn’t retaliate unnecessarily.




In leadership, every step, and decision must be glaring to everyone. A leader is ready to take criticism and accept feedback from others to be better. Employees and followers must know the ins and outs of every task. If you’re in charge, allow everyone to know what they’re supposed to.



You try to imagine yourself in their shoes, this will help you to possibly understand how it pinches. A leader understands the feelings of others and tries to connect with them in forming a strong bond with everyone. Leadership is about sharing the perspectives of the followers and bringing them to light.



Leaders are not exempted from being accountable for their actions. Every decision must have a genuine reason to back it up. Leaders take charge of their responsibilities; and never run from scrutinization.




One of the things that can make a leader and their team or followers feel alive is communication.

That’s to tell you it’s important for both parties; leaders and followers. But communication is an amazing part of the qualities that can make you a good leader if you’re always clear on your stance. Make sure you don’t confuse people by giving different narrations of a single event. They state things clearly for others to benefit.

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