There was pandemonium Tuesday evening at Abasi Obori  following  an  altercation between two lovers leading to the death of 34 year Ms. Esther Ndereke, who was allegedly beaten to death by her older lover, 54 year old Nkeruewen Etuk during an argument.

Vanguard gathered that the ugly   incident occured at 32 Abasi Obori Street, Calabar South LGA, following a violent encounter that ended in a tragic loss of Ms Ndereke’s life.

Findings showed that on the evening of July 18, 2023, they had a misunderstanding and the suspect started hitting his girlfriend, Esther, as their evening took a horrifying turn.

Eyewitnesses who  pleaded anonymity recounted a distressing scene that unfolded at approximately 7:30 p.m at 32 Abasi Obori street.

“We can’t really tell what happened between them,  but we heard noises as the couple engaged in a heated altercation, their voices resonating with anger and despair.”

“Within moments, the dispute escalated into a horrifying display of violence, with Mr. Etuk, fueled by an uncontrollable rage, unleashing a torrent of brutal blows upon Ms. Ndereke in their room because it seems they lived together as lovers.”

“The assault left Ms. Ndereke battered and broken, her body bearing the painful imprints of the relentless beatings from the suspect.”

“Ms. Ndereke slumped, slipping into coma and  she was rushed to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH, where she  was confirmed dead and has since been deposited at their morgue,” the eyewitness said.

When contacted the Police Public Relations Officer SP Irene Ugbo who confirmed the tragic incident said the Uwanse Divisional police Officer, DPO , who the incident happened in his jurisdiction responded swiftly.

“The police rushed the victim to the UCTH, unfortunately she didn’t make it, as she was certified dead by a doctor at the hospital.”

“Following established protocols, the lifeless body of Ms. Ndereke has been deposited awaiting a comprehensive autopsy to shed light on the exact cause of her untimely demise.”

“Meanwhile, the suspect , Mr. Nkeruewen Etuk,  is now in our custody , and we will ensure  that he faces the full weight of justice for his alleged actions,”SP Ugbo assured.

@ Vanguard Newspaper

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