A married woman of Livingstone has admitted to having gone to a lodge with a man she met on Facebook because she had lost interest in her husband.

Prudence Wachama described her relationship with her husband, Presco Lilayi, as that of brother and sister and that he treated her like a slave in her own home.

Wachama narrated in Livingstone Local Court A3, in a case in which she sued her husband, Presco, for divorce.

The court heard that the couple got married in 2010 and that Presco was charged K4,500 as dowry.

She complained that her husband did not care about her well-being even when she fell sick.

“I have lost feelings for him. I don’t feel anything for him anymore. We are simply living like brother and sister. He also has text messages from other women. He has a list of women he communicates with,” Prudence said.

She said her husband earlier suggested that they go on separation because there were differences in their marriage.

“It is true I went to a lodge with a man I met on Facebook. We merely met. We discussed matters that were affecting my marriage. I am tired of pretending like things are alright in this marriage when they are not,” she said.

She, however, said she was no longer friends with the same man.

Prudence said she has also decided to forgive her husband for his behaviour, but that the two could not live together as husband and wife.

However, Presco said he still loved his wife.

“It is true that there was another woman in my life and that there were a lot of text messages on my phone. But that is a thing of the past. That thing was resolved. I no longer receive messages from women,” Presco said.

Presco said he has made attempts to be intimate with his wife but she has been turning down his advances.

“I don’t want the marriage to end because I will not be able to look after our children alone. The only reason she wants to leave is because of the same man she is having an affair with whom she met on Facebook,” he said.

Passing judgment, Senior Local Court magistrate, Fredrick Mainza granted divorce and ordered Presco to pay K300 as child maintenance.

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