Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till April 13 for defense, a divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Kikelomo Idowu, against her husband, Ademola Idowu on the grounds of irresponsibility, neglect, assault and threat to her life.

Kikelomo told the court she moved out of her matrimonial home after she developed high blood pressure as a result of her husband’s maltreatment of her.

The plaintiff prayed the court to stop her wedlock to her husband and grant her custody of their children.

She further begged that her husband be mandated to be in charge of their children’s welfare, giving priority to their feeding, education and medical care.

The plaintiff again requested for an order restraining the defendant from threatening and interfering with her private life.

Ademola denied all the allegations brought against him by his wife.Kikelomo in her evidence said, “I met my husband in 2014 and we dated for two years.“He was loving and caring. He showered me with attention, but changed after he impregnated me.“He became distant and cold towards me.”

“My husband to my chagrin stated that he slept with me in order to know if he was able to father a child.“

“I shouldered the responsibility of our engagement ceremony. I went as far as putting money in the envelope and gave my mother in-law to present to my family as my bride price.“

“I also paid for the hall we used for the occasion among other things.“

“I moved in with my husband in the rented apartment he was staying with his mother and brother and my life became miserable.“

“My husband and his family members maltreated me despite being pregnant and exposed me to much stress.”

“Ademola neglected and denied me the expected attention.“

“His family members also refused that I had rest of mind. They kept raising false accusations against.“

“One of these was when my husband was ill and put on admission in the hospital a few weeks after I was delivered of our child.“

“My mother in-law accused me of being responsible for my husband’s illness. According to her, I poisoned his food.“

“I was frustrated and became lean due to my husband and his family’s hostile attitude towards me.“

“I later developed a high blood pressure. Ademola forced himself on me when our second child was three months old and I became pregnant..I decided to abort the pregnancy and he beat me to a pulp two days after I did.“

“I hit him on the head with a long ruler and he screamed and beat me the more.My husband again impregnated me, but I eventually lost the baby. He showed no concern, neither did he comfort me.“

“Ademola constantly shirked his duties in the home and was never there for me and our children..My husband has no shame and succeeded in turning me into a laughing stock in our neighbourhood.“

“He was in the habit of borrowing money from people in the neighbourhood and never paying back. These come to our home on regular basis to fight him. To save myself from embarrassment, I borrow money from banks to offset his debts.“

“My lord, despite all my efforts at making our relationship work, my husband never appreciated me.“

“Ademola made an attempt to travel out of the country with another woman, but this plan failed..I moved out of our matrimonial home with our children when it was obvious that our marriage has failed.“

“My husband still refusing that I had rest of mind took to harassing me. He will come to my new place of abode to threaten and fight me.“

“I once reported him to the police and he was cautioned, but he has failed to stop. I entreat the court to dissolve our union, grant me custody of our children, but make him responsible for their welfare, giving priority to their feeding, education and health care. I further appeal to the court to stop him from harassing and threatening me.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo adjourned the case for defense after she has heard the plaintiff.

@ Nigerian Tribune

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