A woman, Ruth Ogala, has dragged her husband, Michael Ogala before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State pleading that it dissolved their wedlock on the grounds of irresponsibility, constant battery and violence by the latter.

According to Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, the plaintiff stated that she had known no peace of mind since she got married to her husband.

According to her, Michael smokes Indian hemp and always descended on her with punches when he was high.

She added that the defendant on some occasions beat her with cutlass and didn’t spare her even when she was pregnant.

This she invariable took its toll on her health.

Michael was absent in court despite being duly served a hearing notice.

Ruth said in her evidence: “My husband and I held no formal marriage. We started living together as husband and wife after he impregnated me. He didn’t pay a dime as dowry till date.”

“He was well behaved during my first pregnancy and after I put to bed. But he suddenly changed and became violent when I was pregnant with our second child.”

“Michael abandoned his responsibility towards me and our child. He cared less about our welfare and constantly starved us.”

“He refused to give me money for my ante-natal treatment and the baby’s need.”

“He would descend on me with heavy blows any time I complained, not caring that I was pregnant.”

She added that: “My lord, my husband smokes Indian hemp. I discovered this after I moved into his house.”

“He becomes wild and violent when he is high on it and beats me to a pulp.”

“Michael chases me around the house with a cutlass and beat me with it when he catches up with me.”

“My body bears scars of his violent dealings with me.”

“My lord, my husband has made my life miserable. His ruthless dealing of me is now taking its toll on my health.”

“I’m tired of our relationship and don’t desire to go further with it.”

“I plead with the court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our children, but make him responsible for their feeding, education and medical attention which he has neglected for years.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard the plaintiff, adjourned the case and ordered that a fresh hearing notice be served the defendant.

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