Medical researcher in neurocardiology and neurosciences, Dr. Chidi Njemanze, says years of research on bipolar disorder showed that it is predominant among females, and makes them more prone to sex abuse and exploitation, Punch Newspaper reports.

“Most female victims of long-term sexual abuse have bipolar disorder,” Njemanze says; adding, “They get easily lured into the situation, after which they feel ashamed to speak about it due to feeling of low self worth and hopelessness that comes with the illness.”

Mental health physicians say many Nigerians suffer from bipolar disorder, but, like other mental illnesses prevalent in the country, it remains under-diagnosed.

Psychiatrists say many people who have the condition live in denial, despite being aware of their impaired mental state, but will rather attach spiritual connotation to it than seek medical attention.

American rapper, Kanye West, is said to be living with the disorder, for which his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, recently solicited “understanding and compassion” on his behalf.

Experts say bipolar disorder can cause severe disruption to a person’s life, even the impact varies among individuals.

They say that with appropriate treatment and support, many people with the condition live full and productive life.

In an interview with PUNCH HealthWise, a renowned medical researcher in neurocardiology and neurosciences, Dr. Chidi Njemanze, described bipolar disorder as ‘a mental illness characterised by shift between two moods, during which a person goes from being energetic [mania episode] to low depressive episode.’

He said the condition, which could be mild or extreme mood swings, was known as manic-depressive disorder and is caused by neurochemical transmitter imbalances in the brain.

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