A man, Sikiru Oyetola has dragged his wife, Fatimo Oyetola before the  Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State seeking that it dissolved their union on the  grounds of constant fight by the latter, leading to his lack of rest of mind, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Sikiru pleaded with the court that if his prayer was answered to grant him custody of their children.

He also pleaded that the court restrained his wife from threatening and fighting him in his places of abode and work.

Fatimo did not agree to divorce.

She also refused that her husband had custody of their children.

She added that her husband had the plan of putting their children in the care of his new wife which she would not agree to.

She explained that their marriage started experiencing crises after her husband took another wife, who is a prophetess and much older than him.

Fatimo also stated that Sikiru abandoned her and their children for almost four years.

According to her, he sent a text message to her on April 1 that it was already a year since he instructed her to move out of his house, adding that he came the next day and threw out her belongings and destroyed four cartons of her Chinaware.

Sikiru, giving his evidence said, “My wife moved in with me after we courted for some months.”

“We didn’t carry out the traditional wedding ceremony because her family was not then ready to entertain such.”

“They gave me and my family a go-ahead to carry out the marital rites as was expected of us, after we had our second child, but I did not pay her bride price.”

“Fatimo became a thorn in the flesh immediately she moved in with me.”

“My wife is troublesome in nature and never ceased to fight me.”

“She refused to take counsel from me and almost snuffed life out of me with her constant fight.”

“Our home was hellish to live in while peace permanently deserted us.”

“My family members, after becoming tired of settling the differences between my wife and me, left us to ourselves.”

“I became fed up with her one day and threw out her belongings.”

“I pray the court to end our marriage and grant me the custody of our children.”

“I also plead with the court to restrain her from threatening and fighting me at my places of residence and work.”

Fatimo in her testimony said, “My lord, my marriage to my husband was blissful until four years ago, when he married a new wife who is a prophetess and much older than him.”

“My husband did not carry out the normal marital rites on me. He also did not pay my bride price.”

“Sikiru constantly starved me and our children and never met our needs.”

“My husband, to my chagrin, held a marriage ceremony with his new wife and lavished money on her.”

“He brought his new wife home after this and introduced her to me and I accepted her.”

“Sikiru abandoned me and our children and moved in with his new wife after this.”

“He left me and our children to starve and made life difficult for me.”

He came home once in three months after he left, and would go violent and threaten to kill me.

“I endured the hardship because of our children and refused to divorce him.”

“His family members stood by me and always encouraged me to be patient.”

“Sikiru on April 1, sent me a text message stating that it was already a year since he told me to move out of his house, but that I refused. He thus threatened to deal with me.”

“My husband came the following day, precisely April 2, and threw out my belongings. He destroyed my valuables among which were four cartons of Chinaware plates.”

“Members of the landlord association in our area mediated in our differences and got me an  accommodation in the same neighbourhood so that our children would not have the need to change their school, while I also retain my source of livelihood.”

“My mother in-law has been supportive and sending to me the little amount she can afford for our children’s upkeep from time to time.”

“I entreat this honourable court to grant me custody of our children so that I can take good care of them.”

“I cannot let Sikiru handover our children to his new wife when I am alive and hearty.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard both parties, reserved judgment till September 25.

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