In a bid to make ends meet, many people cram their days with a lot of activities and as a result, find it difficult to meet up with various schedules. People are always occupied with diverse undertaking and are too busy to engage in many equally important activities.

The downside of this is that such busy schedule can actually keep us from being productive and making decisions that matter while it can also accelerate burnout. But it is possible to do all we need to do without stress with effective time management using simple but effective time-saving hacks for a stress- free business life at work and at home.

The following tips can help smoothen your day:

Don’t waste time on small decisions like what to eat, wear or keep things.  Have designated work clothes, so you don’t have to decide what to wear every day; plan meal ahead and have safe spots to keep specific items.

Turn off notifications on your phone because looking between multiple screens or navigating different social media handles multitask the brain and reduces your productivity by 40 pee cent.

Leverage on technology; embrace apps that can make your work fasterLearn to say no. Don’t exert yourself in order to please people at the detriment of your welfare and knowing how you want to spend your time can help you say no when it’s not comfortable for you.

Learn to outsource where it makes sense to do so, you don’t have to do everything to prove a point.Schedule breaks into your day; know when to stop to refuel your body and brain with food and fresh air to improve your productivity. Have short me – times at intervals in the course of each day.

Make use of time, know what you are doing with your time, even on the road. Learn to use your commute time wisely; listen to audio reports or books you need to read, draft mails and strategise on upcoming activities.

Do your critical tasks first, consider deadlines in setting up priorities.Set an agenda for your meetings because a meeting without an agenda is an endless discussion. Short meetings are better, so streamline your agenda.

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