A woman, Ayo Olorunsho, has asked a Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her marriage to her husband, Ola Olorunsho, on the accounts that he was irresponsible, destructive and fetish. She added that he was a brute.

Ayo alleged that her husband had succeeded in ruining her and that she wanted to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

The plaintiff entreated the court, if her prayer was answered, to put their female children in her custody while the male can be in her husband’s care.

The defendant pleaded not liable to the charges brought against him.

Ayo in her testimony said: “My lord, my husband is a brute. He always sought every opportunity to beat me. He would level false accusations against me and descend on me with heavy blows.”

“My husband would not leave me until he saw blood flowing from me. I have scares all over my body as a result of his maltreatment of me.”

“Not done, Ola would come to my shop and turn it upside down. He destroyed my goods on several occasions and would leave me to bear the loss.”

“My lord, my husband is not just a brute, he is also fetish.

“Ola dines and wines with the devil. He would put strange and scary objects at every corner of our house and forbade that we moved near or touched them.”

“He once said he wanted to be involved in money rituals.”

“Our children and I lived in fear throughout the time we were living together as a family.”

“My husband is indifferent to our children’s welfare. He doesn’t khow they eat or survive each day since we moved out of his house.”

“He didn’t do any better while we were living with him. He was known for always shirking his responsibilities and starving me and our children.”

“Ola never showed interest in our children’s education. I single-handedly enrolled every one of them in school and have been paying their school fees.”

“My lord, my husband has not desisted from fighting me and destroying my goods even after I moved out of his house.”

“I came to court because he is an evil wind that blows no one any good.”

“My lord, I beg this honourable court, if my prayer is answered to grant me custody of our female children, while he has the male.”

“I further plead that the court restrains him from coming to my house and shop to fight me and destroy my goods,” the plaintiff stated.

The defendant in his testimony said: “My lord, I’m presently not working. I was able bodied when I met my wife. I was selling clothes and singing in church.”

“She moved in with me after I impregnated her.”

“I was a bad boy and belonged to a popular and notorious cult, Eiye fraternity.”

“I started having problem with members of this cult after I renounced my membership and returned all their possession in my care.”

“They were crossed with me. They stated that I betrayed them and therefore came after me.”

“I kept moving my family from one town to another. I had a fatal accident when moving my family to Ibadan and was on admission for months.”

“My personal effects were stolen while I was in the hospital while I met an almost empty apartment after I was discharged.”

“I saw some of my belongings with my wife’s siblings. They were actually wearing my clothes”, the defendant explained.

He added: “Our neighbours told me that my wife neglected our children and kept late nights while I was on admission.”

“My lord, Ayo refused to put a stop to her immoral behaviour and indecent lifestyle even when I was discharged and returned home. She had the audacity to receive late calls in my presence.”

“I got angry during one of these moments and destroyed her phone, but gave her N7,000 the following morning to buy a new one.”

“I once caught my wife in a compromising position with a man from her church.”

“It was this man I learnt helped her in getting a new accommodation and packing her belongings out of my place.”

“My lord, before my wife left, she was fond of taking our last child along with her to her lovers’ houses.”

“She dated an alfa who was in the habit of sneaking into our apartment when I was not around.”

“The last time he came, my wife locked the gate to the main house and then the door of the house.”

“I jumped over the fence into our compound, but unfortunately, this alfa jumped out through the window and escaped.”

“Ayo packed out of my house three days later.”

“Life has become tough for me as a result of the impact the accident had on me.”

“I took to begging to eat and at a point also sold Indian hemp.”

“She went away with all our children and refused that I had access to them.”

“I got angry one day and went to her place with a cutlass to demand that she released our children to me,” he concluded.

Giving her judgment after she had heard both parties, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintatayo, stated that there was no marriage to be dissolved because no traditional wedding held between the plaintiff and defendant, neither was bride price paid.

According to her, the plaintiff moved in with him after he impregnated her.

Akintayo further stated that it was obvious that the defendant can’t adequately take care for their children because he is not gainfully employed.

She added that their children were in their formative years and could not be in the custody of a personality who would be a bad influence to them being involved in nefarious activities and the sale of Indian hemp.

According to Akintayo, their children would fare better if put in the plaintiff’s custody because she would give them the needed attention.

Ruling, Akintayo granted the plaintiff custody of their children and ordered that the defendant pay a monthly sum of N20,000 as their feeding allowance, while he should not be restricted from seeing them.

This she stated must be done through the court.

She instructed both parties to be responsible for their education and health care.

Akintayo also restrained the defendant from harassing, threatening or interfering with the plaintiff’s private life.

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