Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 13-year-old wedlock between a couple, Tawa Musibau and Yekini Musibau over irreconcilable differences.

The plaintiff, Tawa, who dragged her husband to court, alleged that he was quarrelsome and that he constantly fought her.

She added that the defendant neglected and starved her and their three children.

Tawa in addition stated that Yekini never stopped threatening her.

The plaintiff told the court that she no longer loved her husband and had no interest in their marriage again.

She thus implored the court to rule that they both go their different ways.

Yekini said he was not liable to the charges brought against him.

Tawa giving her evidence, said: “I got married to my husband 13 years ago and although our marriage is blessed with three children, I never derived any joy from it.”

“My husband made our wedlock hellish and as a result of this our relationship turned sour.”

“Yekini started deserting the home early in our marriage. He would abandon me and our children for about four months without leaving a clue about his whereabouts. He would also fail to make arrangements to take care of our welfare.”

“I reported my husband to his mother when I could no longer cope with his misbehaviour and she counseled that I ignored him.”

“I got no succor even when my husband decided to return home. Rather than making up for his inadequacies he would seek every opportunity to beat me.”

“Yekini is a sadist and loved to see me cry. He would leave me in pain, bearing swollen face and blood-shot eyes every time he beat me.”

“My husband disappeared from home when I was pregnant with our third child. He surfaced again after I had put to bed.”

“I single-handedly bore the expenses of both my antenatal and postnatal care from my meager income and also provided the baby’s needs.”

“I once lent him N90,000, but he refused to refund it. He would raise an argument and beat me without showing mercy any time I demanded for it.”

“Every time Yekini returned home, he would accuse me of infidelity and insisted that I swore with the Quran. Still not convinced, he would beat me.”

“My husband alleged that I was dating an alfa whom he claimed always visited me any time he was away from home.”

“He beat me blue black over this issue and I decided I was leaving him. I moved into my house which was almost completed and started living there.”

“Yekini, with the intention of humiliating me, now comes to my shop to fight me. He will rain curses on me and call me names.”

“My husband will go ahead and scatter my goods and destroy them.”

“Yekini didn’t stop at this. He became hostile to my customers who are mostly men.  He believes I am dating them and will sometimes waylay and beat them.”

“He accused alfa of visiting me in my new house and descended on him with heavy blows. Yekini almost killed this innocent man.”

“My husband now goes to my mother’s shop which is a stone throw from mine to disgrace her. He will shout on her and abuse her, thus attracting passers-by to the scene.”

“My lord, my husband is no doubt a nuisance. I have suffered enough in his hands and wish to have our relationship terminated.”

“I, therefore, appeal to this honourable court to rule that we are no longer husband and wife.”

“I also pray that the court hand over our children to me so that I can take adequate care of them.”

“Yekini is obviously indifferent to their wellbeing.”

“Finally, I beg this court to stop him from coming to embarrass, harass, threaten or fight me in my place of abode or shop,” she said.

Yekini in his testimony told the court that, “My lord, I am also no more interested in a prostitute. I agree that our marriage come to an end today.”

“I am a business man and I travel a lot. My friend told me my wife had chains of lovers and that she kept late nights any time I was out of town.”

“I got mad when I heard this and ordered her to pack her belongings out of my house before I got home.”

“I was told she packed to her new house and I went there to confront her with the facts I had about her misdeeds.”

“My lord, she lied that I always beat her. It is true that we quarrel almost on daily basis, but I only beat her once since we got married 13 years ago because she was stubborn and flouted my order.”

“I’m responsible for our children’s education. I pay their school fees.”

“Tawa also lied that I starved our children. I gave the three of them N2,000 every other day for food throughout the time they were under my roof.”

“It is true I owe my wife N90,000 and I promise to pay her back.”

“My lord, my wife has in her possession three documents that have to do with my landed property. I pray the court to help me retrieve them from her,” he concluded.

Giving her judgment after she had heard both parties, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, observed that their relationship had broken down irretrievably.

According to her, both admitted they constantly fight which was dangerous to their co-existence.

She added that since both agree to the dissolution of their marriage the court has no choice but to dissolve it.

Ruling, Akintayo declared their union dissolved.

The court president granted the plaintiff custody of their children while the defendant was mandated to take full responsibility of their children’s feeding, education and medical care.

The plaintiff was charged not to hinder the defendant from seeing their children.

The defendant was restrained from disturbing, harassing and threatening the plaintiff or interfering with her private life.

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