Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently dissolved the union between a couple, Mohammed Oyelakin and Ayodeji Anuoluwapo, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Mohammed, who brought a divorce suit against his wife, alleged that she was troublesome and always coming to his shop to fight him, his customers and destroy his goods.

According to the plaintiff, the defendant once fought with his customer and injured her in the eye.

He added that his wife constantly threatened to pour acid on him.

The plaintiff told the court he no longer wanted his wife under his roof because she could make real her threat of pouring acid on him.

Mohammed thus appealed to the court to dissolve their marriage.

Ayodeji gave her consent to divorce.

The defendant stated that the plaintiff never told her he was married before he impregnated her.

She added that he insisted that she aborted their child’s pregnancy when it was already five months old and that she refused.

The defendant explained that the plaintiff consistently shirked his responsibility towards her and their only child after she put to bed.

According to her, she came to fight him in his shop because he borrowed N5, 000 from her with a promise to pay back on a specified date, but that he reneged on his promise.

Giving his evidence, Mohammed stated that, “My lord, I lost my peace and dignity the very day I got married to my wife.

“Ayodeji’s character lacks virtue and she’s certainly going to be a bad example to our child.”

“No soothing word has ever come from my wife. All that she’s good at is abusing and fighting me.”

“I hate to go home after the day’s job because Ayodeji makes our home too hot for comfort.”

“She is hard to please and is therefore never contended with whatever I do.”

“Ayodeji  has never shown appreciation for all that I do for her. All she does is to call my attention to things yet to be done.”

“Ayodeji never stops humiliating me, especially in the presence of our neighbours and friends.”

“My wife fights me all the time. She will raise an argument, go wild and shout on me. Not done, she will pull my cloth, sometimes tear it and then fight me.”

“The more our neighbours placate her as they mediate in our differences, the wilder she becomes.”

“Ayodeji  will at some instances turn round to fight our neighbours for meddling in our affair.”

“My lord, my wife didn’t stop at this. She took to coming to my shop to ridicule me.”

“Ayodeji will throw out my goods and destroy them.”

“There were times she fought my customers and hurt them.”

“Ayodeji hates to see the opposite sex around me and these are mostly my customers.”

“She once fought one of these women and caused damage to one of her eyes as she hit her head it on an iron rod with a sharp edge.”

“I spent through the nose as this woman attended to the eye at the hospital,” the plaintiff said.

Mohammed added that, “My lord, Ayodeji threatens to either disfigure or kill me. She has sworn she would not be appeased until she pours acid on me.

“I now live in fear because my wife is vicious and will one day make real her threat.

“My lord, I no longer want Ayodeji under my roof. I, therefore, entreat to this honourable court to end our marriage,” he pleaded.

Ayodeji in her testimony said, “My lord, I’m also through with my husband. He is an evil wind that blows no one any good.

“It is true I go to his shop to fight him. He stood on my neck until I lent him N5, 000 out of the money I gathered to run a business.

“He promised to pay me back but failed and has since been dodging me.

“Mohammed refused to take care of me and our child. He has contributed nothing towards our child’s feeding and education. The more I confront him with these responsibilities, the more he runs away from them.

“My husband is deceitful in nature. He kept the truth of his marital status away from me. I was already pregnant with his baby before I knew he was a married man.

“He asked me to abort his pregnancy which was already five months old, but I refused because I didn’t want to die.

“Mohammed neglected me after this and cared less if I died. His family also refused to carry out the required marital rites as tradition demands.

“My lord, my husband refused that we hold our child’s naming ceremony in his house. This was done in his friend’s place.

“My father in-law, not touched by the fragile look of our child sent me out of their family house and this led to my moving from one house to another.

“My lord, I thought things would be different when Mohammed finally agreed that I moved in with him, but the reverse was the case.

“Mohammed started treating me like a slave. He will beat me blue black and starve me of food.

“My lord, I have suffered enough in the hands of my husband. I want to move on with my life. I pray that you separate us, “she begged.

Ruling, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their wedlock and granted custody of their child to the defendant.

The plaintiff was asked to be responsible for their child’s upkeep, giving priority to education and health care.

He was also asked to give the defendant a sum of money to pack her belongings from his house.

Both were advised to maintain peace.

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