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Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently dissolved the 16-year-old wedlock between a couple, Rukayat Kabiwu and Waliab Kabiwu.

Rukayat who filed a divorce suit complained of irresponsibility by her husband towards her and their three children.

The plaintiff also accused the defendant of constant battery.

According to her, the defendant cared less if their children ate or not, and constantly displayed indifference towards their education.

Rukayat stated that she no longer found their marriage interesting and therefore appealed to the court to end their relationship.”

“My lord, my experience as Waliab’s wife for the past 16 years has been horrible,” Rukayat said while giving her testimony.

“I derive no joy as Waliab’s wife and therefore seek an end to my unpleasant experience married to him.”

“My husband carries no responsibility in the home. He knows how to make babies but lacks the ability to take care of them.”

“Waliab does not know how the children and I survive each day, yet he refers to himself as the head of the home. My husband has never bought our children a loaf of bread but he brags that he’s the breadwinner.”

“Waliab never gives me money for food but he always expects to eat out of what I struggle to provide for our children.”

“My lord, since I don’t wish that our children flee from home and end up becoming street boys and girls, I took up the task of feeding and clothing them.”

“I work hard to put food on the table but my husband has proved over time that he is an ingrate.”

“Waliab eats out of what I prepare from my hard earned money and still beats me. He descends on me with heavy blows in front of our children after feeding from my sweat.”

“As far as Waliab is concerned our children can go naked, but I have made up my mind that I will give it what it takes to ensure they feel good among their peers.”

“My husband has no shame. Hardly does he know the name of our children’s schools. He does not know their different classes till date.”

“He is obviously indifferent to their academic pursuit and has therefore never made any effort in paying their school fees or meeting other needs.”

“My lord, Waliab made the issue worse by raining curses on our children. I have advised him against this but he has refused to change.”

“My husband has no respect for my parents in particular and my family as a whole. They play significant roles in supporting and meeting some of our needs. But the best way Waliab deemed it fit to appreciate them is by being rude to them.”

“My lord, I am convinced that I will live a fulfilled life if I part ways with Waliab. He’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.

“I earnestly pray that you end our union and grant me custody of our three children. Waliab is irresponsible and obviously can’t take good care of them, “the plaintiff stated.

Waliab giving his evidence said, “I have nothing to say. All Rukayat said is true.”

“I plead with this honourable court to help me beg my wife to change her mind. I don’t want her to leave me. I am doomed if she does, “the defendant begged.

Ruling, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted the custody of their three children to plaintiff.

The defendant was ordered to be responsible for their feeding, education and health care among other things.

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