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MY WIFE ONCE GOT PREGNANT FOR ONE OF HER LOVERS —Divorce seeking man tells court

A man, Kamoru Babalola recently approached Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying that it stopped his marriage to his wife, Iyabo Babalola.  Kamoru alleged that his wife was troublesome and that she attempted to stab him with a knife during a brawl, Nigerian Tribune reports.

He also accused his wife of stealing his money.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant brought home her concubines and that she almost died when she aborted the pregnancy of one of them.

Kamoru added that Iyabo was hostile to his son by another woman and that he attempted to poison him.

The plaintiff told the court he has had enough of his wife’s atrocities and thus pleaded that it put an end to their relationship.

Iyabo agreed that their marriage be dissolved.

According to her, Kamoru’s case can be likened to that of the kettle calling the pot black.

The defendant explained that her husband ran after anything in skirt.

She denied stealing his money. According to Iyabo, Kamoru was a drunk and in the habit of returning home late in the night.

The defendant explained that the plaintiff must have lost the money while under the influence of alcohol.

Kamoru giving his testimony said, “I took a wrong step when I went into wedlock with my wife. Iyabo is a devil in disguise. She almost killed me.”

“My wife is troublesome and fights me all the time. She raises argument on trivial issues and will end up fighting me.”

“Iyabo is in the habit of tearing my clothes any time we have a brawl. I am almost going naked because she has torn almost all my clothes.”

“She is a devil and has no regard for me.”

“Iyabo engages in extramarital affair. She has strings of lovers and her ways are not kept from me.”

“My lord, my wife does not fear me. She has the guts to entertain her lovers in our home. She makes me appear foolish before our neighbours who never cease to mock me.”

“Iyabo once got pregnant for one of her lovers but aborted it. She almost died as a result of the abortion. Her lover abandoned her while I bore the responsibility of taking her from one hospital to the other. I spent through the nose to get her back to her feet.”

“My lord, Iyabo resumed fighting with me immediately she got well. She once drew a knife at me during an argument threatening to stab me. I would have been a dead man by now but for the timely intervention of our neighbour who forced the knife out of her hand.”

“My wife has no milk of kindness running in her. She is harsh to my son from my first wife. She can’t bear the sight of him.”

“Iyabo in a bid to get rid of him poisoned his drink but God delivered him from death.”

“My lord, if Iyabo remains under my roof she will wipe out my household through her wicked ways.”

“It is not safe living with a promiscuous wife because she will sooner than later infect me with STDs.”

“I, therefore, pray this honourable court to separate us and restrain her from coming to harass or fight me in my home or work place, “the plaintiff prayed.

Iyabo in her response stated that, “My lord, I don’t wish to go any further in my marriage to Kamoru. I have suffered and endured enough in our marriage. I agree to divorce. “

She went on, “Kamoru has no moral justification to accuse me of infidelity when he’s also not better. His case is that of the pot calling the kettle black.”

“My husband is a womanizer. He can’t take his eyes off anything in skirt and spends his income on them.”

“My lord, this is the reason we fight every moment.”

“Kamoru is a liar. I was impregnated by no other person but him. He was not happy with the pregnancy because he believed the child would be an extra mouth to feed.”

“He cajoled and pleaded that I got rid of the pregnancy and I acceded to his plea after much persuasion.”

“My lord, it is true I almost lost my life because my husband took me to a quack doctor. I had complications and almost bled to death.”

“I have never stolen my husband’s money since we got married over a decade ago. Kamoru engages in two habits which easily wreck a man early in life.”

“My lord, apart from womanizing, Kamoru drinks himself to stupour almost every day.”

“My husband leaves home with meaningful amounts while going to his drink joint and returns home late and with an empty pocket. I’m sure the money he lied that I stole must have got lost while he was under the influence of alcohol.”

“Kamoru misbehaves when he is drunk. He loses his senses. He will fight and beat me to a pulp. I can’t remember tearing his cloth neither did I attempt to kill him or my step son, “Iyabo concluded.

Giving judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union.

Both were ordered to maintain peace.

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