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MY WIFE POISONED MY CHILDREN’S MIND AGAINST ME – Divorce seeking man tells court

A man, Olalekan Soetan, recently approached Oja Oba Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it dissolves his 24-year-old wedlock to his wife, Basirat  Soetan, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Olalekan alleged that his wife was stubborn and not submissive. According to him, Basirat rubs shoulders with him in the home and that he had told her two captains could not be in the same ship.

The plaintiff further said that the defendant also poisoned the mind of his children and turned them against him.

Olalekan told the court Basirat had caused enough havoc in their marriage and home and that he wanted to put an end to it.

The plaintiff therefore entreated the court to stop their relationship.

He further prayed for the custody of their three children whose life he stated he wanted to impact positively.

Basirat gave her consent to divorce, stating that her husband was irresponsible and always shirking his responsibility towards her and their children.

According to her, she felt unfulfilled married to him. She stated that many widows fared better than she did.

The defendant pleaded with the court to hand their children over to her because her husband had no time for them.

Olalekan said: “My lord, I want Basirat out of my life or else she will kill me.

“Basirat is a devil. She has stretched my patience enough and I do not want to commit murder.

“I have never met any human being as stubborn as my wife.”

“Basirat believes she’s perfect and always right and as such refuses to take correction. She loves to flout my orders.

“My wife is also proud. She never gives me the respect I deserve as the head of the home.

“Basirat would have been my favourite among all my wives but for her misbehaviour.”

“While my other wives do all they can to curry my favour, Basirat  treats me with contempt. I have often told her two captains can’t be in a ship. It is either she obeys me or leave my house.”

“My lord, Basirat has gone further to sow the seed of discord between me and our children. She poisoned their minds against me. They are now rebellious and strong-headed like her.

“Basirat’s parents do not help matters because they are always taking sides with her.

“My lord, I want Basirat out of my house but want to have custody of our children. I have expended much on them by training them in school and giving them the best. If they continue to heed their mother’s advice they won’t end well. I don’t want to labour in vain,”

Basirat  in her testimony said: “My husband is irresponsible. He married many wives despite knowing that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to take care of us and our children.”

“My husband does little or nothing in taking care of the home. I work hard to ensure our children have the best and don’t give in to peer pressure.”

“I bear the larger percentage of the cost of their training in school apart from feeding and clothing them.”

“All that my husband knows to do is to brag that he is the head of the home and as such must be respected.

“My lord, I agree that you end our marriage. I’m also tired of it. Many widows fare better than I do.

“I beseech this honourable court to grant me custody of our three children. I have been the one taking care of them all these while,” she concluded.

Giving judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their union and granted custody of the first two children to the plaintiff and the last to the defendant.

Odunade ordered the plaintiff to pay N5,000 as the child’s monthly upkeep in addition to been responsible for her education and other welfare.

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