Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently dissolved the wedlock between a couple, Abiodun Adeoye and Rukayat Adeoye.

Abiodun in his divorce suit stated that his wife concealed from him her mental illness.

The plaintiff explained that he became aware that his wife had mental disorder shortly after they got married.

According to him, Rukayat suddenly became violent and took to destroying the property in their home.

He added that she sometimes stripped herself naked thus bringing shame unto him in their compound and neighbourhood.

Abiodun told the court his life was no longer safe with Rukayat who, he stated, could one day go violent and attack him.

He thus appealed to the court to stop their marriage.

The plaintiff further prayed for the custody of their only child who he stated his wife lack the ability to take proper care of.

The defendant was represented by her mother who refuted all that the plaintiff said.

She explained that the only time Rukayat showed sign of mental imbalance was when she failed to gain admission into a higher institution a few years ago after she had put in much effort in preparing for the examination.

According to her, she became withdrawn and went into depression as a result of too much thinking.

Abiodun in his testimony said, “My lord, I never knew I have signed off my joy and peace the day I got married to Rukayat.”

“Rukayat’s parents knew their daughter has mental illness but they kept this away from me. They deceived me into marrying her.”

“Rukayat displayed no sign of mental disorder throughout the period we courted because her parents helped her in managing her health so well.”

“My lord, I started noticing my wife was incoherent in the way she reasoned and acted a few weeks into our marriage.”

“I couldn’t understand what the matter was.”

“Rukayat would blow hot this minute and the next minute she would be calm.”

“I started feeling uneasy being alone with her but I kept my observations to myself.”

“My lord, things gradually went from bad to worse as my wife went wild and became violent.”

“Rukayat would sometimes strip herself naked and walk out of the house in this state.”

“Embarrassed and ashamed, I would run after her and drag her back home with the help of neighbours.”

“Rukayat didn’t stop at these. She took to destroying items in the home.”

“My lord, my wife went as far as visiting my mum’s shop and destroying her goods and property.”

“Rukayat consistently brought ridicule to me and my family.”

“My parents and I did all we could to arrest the situation but all was to no avail.”

“We sought help for her cure through traditional means but we got no positive result.”

“We took her to church for deliverance and she was there for weeks but her condition still remained the same.”

“Not giving up, we approached Islamic clerics; they did their best but we never got the expected result.”

“We gave up after our hopes were constantly dashed.”

“My lord, I’m young and still have a long way to go. I see no future in my marriage to Rukayat which was the reason I came to court.”

“I earnestly plead with this court to dissolve our marriage so that I can move on with life.”

“My lord, I also entreat this honourable court to grant me custody of our only child. Rukayat is presently not in her sound mind, we will be doing our son injustice if put in her care,” Abiodun stated.

“My lord, all Abiodun said are lies. My daughter, Rukayat is not insane. She’s hale and hearty. Abiodun must surely have some other reasons known to only him to warrant his wanting to put his wife away.”

“Rukayat went into depression a few years back after she failed to gain admission into the university. She put in so much effort studying for the examination but her efforts were not rewarded. She became withdrawn and she took ill.”

“She was attended to at the hospital and drugs were prescribed her after she was discharged.”

“She took these until she was declared fine,” she concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade ruled that their union be dissolved.

He gave custody of their child to the plaintiff. According to him, the baby is not safe with Rukayat considering her violent state.

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