Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Dada Semiu, against her husband, Salami Semiu.

Dada had sought for divorce on accounts of what she referred to as Salami’s irrational behaviour.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant falsely accused her of being diabolic.

According to her, her husband was always accusing her of spirittually using his ‘star’ to boost her financial status.

She further stated that he sent her packing after they had a brawl over the issue.

Dada thus pleaded with the court to separate them.

Salami gave her consent to divorce, saying that his wife was a liar. He added that she was also promiscuous.

The defendant stated that when he met his wife, she told him she was a single parent and that she had a child.

According to the defendant, he discovered after they got married that she had two children.

He added that his wife was a woman of easy virtue. Salami explained that Dada humiliated him by dating and sleeping with his apprentice.

“Salami feels threatened because I am more financially buoyant than he is.”

“Rather than accept his fate, he took to blackmailing me. Salami told whoever cared to listen, that I was diabolic and using his virtues to boost my fortune.”

“We always fight because of this and he would beat me till I almost fainted.”

“I reported him to his mother but she took to his side.”

“Salami threw all my belongings out the last time we fought and refused that I had access to our children since then.”

“My lord, I want our marriage dissolved so that my husband will desist from harassing me.”

“I further pray for the custody of our children while he is made to bear the responsibility of their upkeep,” Dada pleaded.

Salami in his evidence said, “Dada is deceitful. She is not someone to be trusted.

“She told me when we met she had a child and I believed her, but I discovered after we got married that she has two. I stopped trusting her after that.”

“Dada is a prostitute. She was involved in extra marital affairs while still married to me. I reported her to her parents, they counseled her but she refused to change.”

“She committed many atrocities which I overlooked in order that peace would reign.”

“My lord, Dada humiliated me by dating and sleeping with my apprentice.”

“I sent her packing after this. She left my house two and a half years ago and I have no regret about this.”

“Neither Dada nor her family members deemed it fit to come and check on our children since she left,” Salami said.

Ruling after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, stated that more evidence was needed.

He, therefore, adjourned the case and ordered both to come to court with their three children and parents.

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