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OYO: I caught her in bed with her lover —Man …HE LIED, THE MAN WAS SITTING BESIDE ME ON THE BED —WOMAN


I caught her in bed with her lover












A man, Jimoh Kazeem has dragged his wife, Tawakalitu Kazeem to court, seeking that it terminates their 18 years union.

Jimoh, in his divorce suit, alleged that his wife was troublesome, disobedient and unfaithful to him.

He further appealed to the court to restrain her from coming to harass him in his home or work place.

Tawakalitu admitted to divorce.

“My lord, my wife was disobedient and fond of having her way always. She failed to acknowledge my position as the head of the home and often behaved rudely to me.

“There were times she stopped cooking my food while she refused to wash my clothes.

“Her unruly behaviour regularly caused misunderstanding between us and any time this happened, she would pack her belongings and move to her parents’ house.

“I once caught her in bed with her lover inside our room. I was mad with her and beat the hell out of her.  I later sent her packing. Her parents, rather than rebuke her, took sides with her and got me arrested with the police. She came home while I was at work and took our children away from me against my wish.

“She subsequently turned me into an ATM and was making demands from me on a regular basis on the guise that our children were in need. I later got to know that our children had stopped schooling. She enrolled the eldest as an apprentice at a mechanic workshop while the second is learning fashion designing.

“I stopped giving her money when I learnt about this but she came up with another means of exploiting me by harassing and arresting me with the police on basis that were false.

“My lord, all I pray this court is to make us go our different ways. I’ve lost my peace and my health is being hampered. I don’t want to die in my prime, “the plaintiff stated.

“I’m also fed up with living like a widow when my husband is still alive, “the defendant said.

“All he knew to do while I was with him was to beat and harm me. He failed to be a loving husband and was never bothered about my lot and that of our children.

“He exaggerated when he stated that he caught me in bed with another man. The man was sitting beside me on the bed and rather than asking politely who he was, he started cursing and fighting me.

“My lord, I didn’t come for our children as he stated, they ran from him to me because he failed to give them the needed care and attention. They were always at the mercy of our neigbhours who fed them with whatever food they could spare, “Tawakalitu concluded.

Ruling after listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their marriage and granted custody of their four children to the defendant.

The plaintiff was mandated to give the defendant N10, 000 per month through the court. This, according to him, would take care of their feeding and other needs.

In addition to this, he was asked to be responsible for their general welfare.



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